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I'm thinking either ER or ICU since both fields require continuing education. What, in your experience, is the hardest nursing field?... Read More

  1. by   Fly Guy JB
    Darn skippy!
  2. by   Fly Guy JB
    Darn skippy! Keeping up with flight certifications, especially if you work strattling state lines, can feel like a full time job in itself.
  3. by   ~Shrek~
    I know which hours are the hardest:

    8 hour nights, 5 nights a week
  4. by   AnnoyedNurse
    A true ICU has similar requirements. And what I mean when I say true ICU, is based on acuity. CVICU is probably the field where RN's can practice most autonomously. Multiple drips, lines, etc. But usually these patients are admitted as outpatients having elective procedure and they come to the unit already lined from the OR (Swan, a line, central line, meds tubes etc). So trauma ICU might be the most action packed.
  5. by   AnnoyedNurse
  6. by   KindaBack
    Well here's the thing, even if there was some objective scale to apply, it would really depend on the specific department or unit.

    For example, the ED are the large urban trauma center for which I've worked would probably rank higher than the mixed ICU at the smaller community trauma center for which I've also worked. Both, along with the ED at the smaller facility, would rank higher than the ED or the ICU at some of the even smaller facilities.

    At the large hospital, the cardiothoracic unit is generally considered to have the "sickest patients" and the "coolest toys" and is probably the toughest unit to walk into and be productive... although the burn unit is soooo specialized... and of course the PICU sees some super sick kids and it's the unit whose docs do ECMO evaluations. Then again, it's tough to envision a patient more fragile than a 520g 23-weeker.

    If I had to pick one "hardest" nursing field, I'd go with nurse anesthesia.
  7. by   ILUVERNSG
    Let me just start by saying that Nursing in general is not an easy profession...

    It is hard mentally, emotionally and physically whether you work ICU or ER. They are two entirely different entities with overlapping skills.

    I believe that once you find the area that you like and you're good at; you'll have many horrible days but you'll still love it anyway!

    The main thing is to find the right fit for yourself, work in a specialty that feels interesting and fulfilling to you.
    There is nothing worse than working on a unit that you hate and dreading going to work every day whether it's ER or ICU, etc.

    I have found that oftentimes, the best area to work may not be the most prestigious or the highest paying, but has great coworkers who support one another like a family and provide great care to their patients working together.

    Continuing education is really our individual responsibility as professionals. You can have as much or as little as you want whether you work critical care, med surg, peds, OB, psyche, etc.

    There's my two cents.

Which field of nursing is the most technically hard?