When was the last time higher management gave you a sincere Thank you. - page 3

this is the winter season, snow, illness, etc. for the most part nurses do make an effort to make it to their jobs. what gets me is higher management. nurses, that wears heels ,sit at a desk. in... Read More

  1. by   sevensonnets
    Only once in 32 years. I got pulled from the unit to a med surg floor when Joint Commission was in the building. Surveyor wanted somebody to demonstrate defib check and everybody scattered to the four winds but me, so I did them. Thought the NM was going to kiss me!!!
  2. by   maxthecat
    Why would I expect thanks for doing my job? That's what I get paid to do. I've never "expected" thanks from patients, families, physicians, co-workers, or managers.

    It's not the job of my manager to help out on the floor, even if she could. (The few times I've seen a manager try to "help," her lack of current skills just made matters worse.) I would prefer she stay in her heels and pearls, in her office, and use whatever influence she has to try to pull in extra staff, or at the very least, compile statistics from this and other episodes that she can use to go to her managers to argue for better staffing. That says much more to me than giving me a "goody bag" or an "attaboy."