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Yesterday I had two nurses make anti-Mexican statements. The first was a new nurse who moved from Montana and made these statements in the medroom. She's having trouble adjusting to the hospital,... Read More

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    Quote from FireStarterRN
    These demographic realities could very well result from historical injustices, but are nevertheless real and will take many years to heal.
    the injustices aren't just historical. in one of my textbooks (unfortunately one I seem to have misplaced) there was a study done in Michigan in 2003.

    they sent a bunch of guys in dressed identically, with identical (fake) resumes. all the guys were coached and had good people skills and were clean and well dressed and such. they had half the white guys and half the black guys turn in resumes where they admitted to doing 18 months in prison for cocaine. the results were that white men who admitted to doing prison time for cocaine were still 3% more likely to get a call back for a job than black men with identical qualifications and no criminal record at all. discrimination is very much alive and well.

    of course, living in arkansas I don't need statistics to tell me racism is by no means dead. the 20 something year old friend I went out with saturday had a cross burned in her yard while she was a teenager. "historical" feels like a serious misnomer.

    still, the historical stuff shouldn't be discounted. the fact our public school system is based on property tax and the black community was systematically robbed of the primary source of wealth accumulation for all americans (home equity, see redlining) means the field will still be unequal for a long time. even if racism died today, whites would still have vastly more accumulated wealth than blacks who worked just as hard or harder.

    you might want to look at how they sentence drug crimes too. more than two thirds of cocaine users overall are white. cocaine comes in crack and powder form...82% of crack cocaine users are black. the penalty for the variety of the drug with majority black users (even though most users overall are white) is, I **** you not, 100 times worse than the penalty for the powder form more popular with white users. the same drug, but the law is literally 100 times more strict on the variety with more black users. let's not even get started on the overt racism in the application of the death penalty (though the majority of the civilized world has abolished it entirely, so that it's racist on top of being barbaric and ineffective is something of a moot point).
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    I usually say something like (with sincere sounding tone and body language) "I know you may not realize it- but such comments could be viewed as offensive by some. Everyone around here can hear you, and if a complaint is made you could be risking your job." It's always been nipped in the bud and comes off like I'm trying to help cover their hindquarters.