What's your favorite Allnurses thread? What's your favorite Allnurses thread? | allnurses

What's your favorite Allnurses thread?

  1. 0 In the past 4 years that I have been a member of Allnurses I have read and participated in hundreds of threads. Some of them were serious, some were silly, some were just time killers. I would have to say, though, my all time favorite out of them ALL would be the Most Ridiculous Thing...ER thread. What's yours?
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    There are too many to even start listing...I'm trying to think really, really hard. I guess I can only suffice it to say that I just love being here...LOL!
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    i am just gonna come out and admit it, i am addicted to allnurses.com.....i am on here all the time from home and work. :d

    right now i am preparing for the nclex, therefore my favorite forum in the nclex discussion, with my favorite thread being the "random facts" thread.
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    I'm always partial to the "I was slapped by a......patient, doctor, nurse, alligator.." threads
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    LEAST favorite is the 'ADN vs BSN' threads.

    Otherwise, I pretty much like 'em all
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    I have so many faves, but the most thought provoking, informative thread for me is Shabbos/Religious Observances. I read the entire thread one evening, didn't skip one post in it! For those of you who took part in this thread...A Big Thank You!
    When I can't find any new threads that interest me, I love to look in the archives. I always strike gold!
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    Oh there's so many...probably the ER ones and the nurse ghist story ones!
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    There a few threads in the OB-GYN nursing forum about wacky baby names. I could read those all day! Some of the things parents come up with are un-frickin'-believable!
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    I like the nursing ethical decisions and nursing current events.