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    I currently switched hospitals to a very old but major level 1 trauma center which has recently undergone some major transformations including closing and moving their old med surg unit to a different floor and using those old rooms as on call rooms and break areas for physicians, ect. Well our nursing students use computers that they keep down in those rooms so that nobody else can access them. As I was retrieving it for them one morning they continuously told stories about an old call light that was on which stated that a nurse was in the room with a patient. So I go down myself and sure enough this call light was lit up with nobody in the room. I checked all the rooms for the computer and it could not be found. So I returned upstairs and notified their instructor. Not long after she goes downstairs and retrieves the computer from the same room I checked multiple times and when they logged into it, there was a name of which nobody could recognize in the login information. So creepy.
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    Love that last story ....this thread has been going for 16 years WOW
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    Quote from steffck
    Share your nursing ghost stories....
    I know you have seen and heard freaky things.
    No, I have not. I was told all through school that this career would make me more superstitious/religious. It has not.
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    So the computer reappeared after you came up
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    After every single person who I've grown close to has died; I've had a dream about them being alive, well, youthful, free, and happy- they always come back to let me know they're okay, its such a beautiful and amazing thing, these dreams are an incredible blessing and reminder that the end here on earth, is simply the beginning somewhere else <3
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    First of all, I loooove reading the stories! And I would like to share mine too. Please bear with my English as this is my second language

    This happened in 2010 when my mother passed away in the Cardiology ward. She was admitted early morning due to stroke and in a coma. I arrived that evening because my sister thought it was nothing and she only called me when the doctor said that my mother was in a serious condition. Although my mother never had an episode before as she was a healthy 50-year-old woman. The doctor advised us to tell families and friends because she might not make it so we called everyone. My closest cousin named Sabrina was there and she can always sense spiritual entity.

    -This part was told by Sabrina after my mother died-
    That late evening around 7pm, Sabrina left the ward into the hall. She could not stand to be in the ward as she heard my mother called her name. At this time, my mother was still in a coma. So when she was in the hall, she stood near a big window. Then she saw my mother's spirit outside the window calling her name again. Sabrina could not bear to see her face so she just asked, "What do you want? Are you real or the devil trying to lure me?" then my mother's spirit told her "Please look after my daughters. They don't have anyone else besides you and your mother. Tell them I love them." then my mother's spirit disappeared.

    After the encounter, Sabrina went back inside the ward, hugged both of my sister and me and told us to let her go. Each of us kissed my mother's forehead and told her we love her and that we asked to forgive our sins. Around 8pm the doctor pronounced her dead.

    Not scary, but I appreciate that my mother don't want to leave us without knowing that we would be okay without her.

    Thank you for reading
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    Room 507 was haunted. Lore had it that a woman died there after a very long stay. One night a night nurse saw a woman in a bed gown, walk down the hall, look at her and turn into the room. The nurse went in to the room and no one was there.
    I was skeptical, but it seemed as if every single patient who was in 507 was a yeller.
    So, who knows what they saw?
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    I think this is the most interesting internet thread I've read in a long time. My girlfriend is a nurse and after reading this thread I've been trying to get her to tell me her nursing-related paranormal stories.

    I'm not a health care professional, but I do have one eerie story related to death and dying.

    My father died after a 2-3 month bout with cancer. He went to hospice finally and died about 24 hours later.

    As per his request, we had him cremated.

    To make a long story short, my dad and I had discussed moving my mom to town from the ranch for all kinds of good reasons, and I agreed to move to the ranch and manage it while we investigated selling it. So at the ranch house I placed the container with his ashes on the mantle for safekeeping while I waited for my mother and brother to decide where to spread his ashes and when. Since my brother lives out of town by a considerable distance, I knew those ashes would be there for a while.

    Almost as soon as I moved into the ranch house, things began breaking or needing sudden maintenance at a constant rate. The water softener stopped working. The pilot light on the water heater had to be re-lit. Somehow the drain line to the septic tank became clogged and all the drains backed up for some reason. A plumbing fitting on the water system for the pecan trees broke and leaked just out of the blue. I could go on but you get the picture.

    Now, I know the ranch is old and things do break, but it seemed like every few days something else broke.

    On top of that, I was sitting quietly in the living room one night and I thought I distinctly heard a "moan" at the front door.

    Finally, one day my clothes drier just wouldn't turn on.

    I called a repair man and he thoroughly disassembled it, only to exclaim, "There's not a thing wrong with this drier!" He discovered that one of the breakers had tripped.

    I immediately called my mom, and told her, "There's something going on. I think dad's spirit may be unhappy that his ashes haven't been spread. He's making things break right and left! Come over to the house! We're spreading his ashes TODAY!"

    So after she arrived we spread his ashes over where his favorite cat had been buried, and said a few words.

    After that things stopped breaking.

    Now, after living there a few years, things do break, but only at a rate one might consider "normal", as in, once in a while.

    Not one thing right after another like when my dad's ashes were on the mantle!
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    Quote from Dottie78
    My son was always sensitive when it came to strange stuff. When we used to live in our mobile home several years ago, my husband and I always heard a T.V. or music on (it was some kind of noise) whenever the heater/air conditioner was running, but we only heard it at night when we were going to bed. But when the heater/air conditioner would shut off, we wouldn't hear it anymore.
    I experienced the same thing as a child living at my parents' ranch house. My dad explained that the heater was a "white noise generator" and if you let your mind wander you can hear pretty much anything. I tried it and was able to imagine hearing music, talking, a car starting, and other things.

    He said he had a nightmare of seeing the devil outside his bedroom window and came into his room.
    This reminds me of an experience I had as a child. I have told this to very few people and if I talk about it on the internet I never give my real name, etc.

    When I was about 13, I was lying in bed one night with my back toward the south window. My brother's bed was right next to the south window and my bed was close to the door.

    Everyone was asleep but me. I got the sensation that someone or some THING was looking at me from the window. I was facing away from the window but it kept putting it in my head that it was a "space alien." I deliberately use that term because I think the entity was trying to use terminology that it thought a kid would use. "Space alien" instead of just "alien" seemed "age appropriate" to the entity, I guess.

    At any rate, I wasn't buying its story. I was mentally scoffing at it. I could feel the thing become enraged. It projected a feeling so evil it's indescribable. It was so hateful it literally hated that there was anything "good" in the universe, like flowers, colors, puppies, you get the idea. That doesn't even begin to describe the feeling of horror, dread, and sheer terror it conveyed. It was as if all the horrors of Hell had taken on a physical personality and that was standing at the window scaring the living you-know-what out of me. It kept putting in my head, "If you look at me I will kill you." I couldn't move a muscle.

    All I could do was pray to Jesus to make the entity go away. Finally, IT left when IT wanted to. It wasn't just that I felt better, or the negative feeling dissipated: I could literally feel this entity as it went away.

    Since then I have been able to tell if a house or building has an evil presence in it. I often surprise restaurant owners when I tell them their place is haunted and they have to ask me how I know!
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    My sister was a nurse's aide at a nursing home in central ohio. There was a resident there that everyone just loved, I will call her Mary B. She was funny as in one of the several stories I was told about her was there were new staff making rounds with the caregivers and Mary was told that housekeeping was coming around to put new linens on her bed. The nurse said, "Mary, we have to make your bed!". "What? Mary said, "I say we have to make your bed, Mary!". To which Mary exclaimed, "Okay, just be sure to bring it back when you're done!". It was on the very sad day she was dying--she was 99 years old and led a very full life--when she was giddy as a school girl, telling everyone that her mother was coming for her and they needed to be there to meet her mother. She had gushed about it to all the staff she spoke to. Sure enough, her mother did come for her. 12:01 AM that night Miss Mary B. passed away, going home to be with her mother.
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    One night while working the night shift in ICU I was sitting in the nurses' station with two other nurses. Linda and Terri (names changed) were sitting next to each other, but were turned slightly away from each other so they could keep an eye on their patients.

    I would notice that while we were speaking, both Linda and Terri would turn their heads at the same time, each looking in the opposite direction. Linda towards her patient's room which had a glass door, and Terri towards the entrance of the ICU. This happened no less than three times when in mid sentence, both nurses would jerk their heads in opposite directions to look at something.

    Since I was sitting about eight feet away from them, I couldn't see what they were looking at and it appeared that Terri was not aware that Linda was glancing at something at the same time she was. I was getting a little jumpy at this point and asked them what they were looking at. They both looked at me with crinkled eyebrows and Terri said, " I keep seeing a boy jumping and waving his arm on the glass door of room 280". Linda jerks her head around towards Terri and says, " I kept seeing a boy jumping and waving his arm in the window of the ICU door"!

    Neither Terri or Linda knew that the other nurse was seeing the same image but from different points of view. The strange part (as if I wasn't peeing a little at this point) was that Terri could see a full bodied image of the boy, but Linda only had a limited view of a boy since the ICU door had a small rectangle window. The ICU was a restricted area with code card access. There just could not be any children in this area, in or out of the ICU at three in the morning. We were a bit spooked and spent the rest of the shift walking in pairs when making our rounds.
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    I just stumbled upon this thread and I can't stop reading! My story isn't nursing related but I'll share anyways:

    Here are 4 pieces of background information you need to know before I tell the story:

    1. I had a boyfriend all through high school named Seth. I was extremely close to his family, they truly were my family too, and they knew that I loved Seth very, very much.
    2. Seth's dad had this dog who absolutely adored Seth. He loved him more than anything. The dog's name was Henry.
    3. Seth's parents, though they had been divorced for several years, had shared a "lucky number." Let's call it 1221.

    Well, our junior year of high school, Seth's dad passed away suddenly after complications from a routine surgery. It was absolutely devastating, including for Seth's mom (remember, they had been divorced). A few months later, I was in one of those stores that sold items that the store would engrave for you, when a sign caught my eye. It was a picture of a dogtag that read the names Seth and Henry with the date 12/21/00 (remember the lucky number was 1221). I know it was Seth's dad saying hi to his family through me.
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    Bump! I love reading these, even if they get me scared before bed lol. 👻

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