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    Quote from jhenry
    I worked for a while in a residential hospice facility...often, before one of our residents would die, many of the staff nurses would see a little child (sometimes boy, sometimes girl) playing in the hallway. The timing was never consistent...sometimes it would be minutes before a death, sometimes it would be hours or days, but always a death would follow. Seeing the child never was really scary..except that you knew it was something freaky. The whole place has a peaceful feel..not scary usually. Often, patients would speak about angels at their side. Once we had a nun as a patient and when she died we heard singing...checked all the rooms for a choir on tv and found nothing to explain the singing.
    Not really a ghost story, and not really a story about nurses, but ...

    I saw an incredible psychic for many years until he crossed over last year -- first and only one I ever saw; it was a birthday gift to me back in the late nineties. He was incredible. Anyway, I was talking to him about my guilt, having to put my father's wife in a Long Term Nursing Facility. She was a major sunsetter/wanderer, and it had reached the point where she had to locked in (how I hate that word!) for her own good.

    My psychic was asking questions about her earlier life and I had to admit that I really didn't know very much about her -- I was an adult when my father married her, and she was always very remote; I don't remember her ever sharing any aspect of her life with any of us kids.

    And my father, may he rest in peace, was a terribly difficult man to live with. I told my psychic that I did not believe she had a pleasant or peaceful life; my father told me several times that she had abandoned her first husband and two sons for another man; he never said this without adding that he would not have married her had he known she abandoned her children. He felt very strongly about that, but if he told me so willingly, I'm sure he threw it up to her as well, which makes me sad.

    Especially, since I found out when cleaning out their house that she was married, and presumably pregnant, at age 14 or 15. I strongly suspect abuse, but, of course, she never mentioned it. She had no contact at all, ever, with her older son, and her younger committed suicide about the time she developed Alzheimer's Disease.

    And my sister and I were shocked beyond belief to find that she had a daughter (she loved baby girls, was more or less indifferent to my sister and my sons, both of whom were born shortly after she married my father). Her daughter died as an infant and apparently -- I do not recall now how I know; I think her niece may told me the one time she called after hearing my stepmother might have an inheritance -- but her second husband was horribly abusive toward her. I don't know if he was involved in the death of the baby girl, if it were SIDS, or what. He apparently had a lot of clout and money for his area. I believe he owned a car dealership or two.

    So .. such a tragic life. As I said, my father would never be physically abusive but he could be very difficult to get along with. She was an incredibly good wife to him.

    My psychic listened silently (more like a psychologist!), and suddenly interrupted me, saying "there are so many people waiting for her on the other side!" He sounded really excited about it and went on to say, "They are going to celebrate her when she comes over, they are going to have a party and they are going to sing and sing and sing! They will sing for her until she knows nothing but pure happiness!"

    He had been right about so many things that it really made me feel better, although I have to admit that I wondered if he was just trying to comfort me. Anyway, I would try to go see her at lunchtime several times a week (I drove my father to see her each weekend, but it was a rather long drive to pick him up, take him there and drive him home, whereas, I could dash out to her nursing home at lunch and spend a half an hour just making sure she knew I was there for her). I actually forgot about what my psychic said.

    Then, several months later, I went to see her at lunch and she was sleeping. I whispered her name a couple of times to see if she was dozing or really sleeping, and then sat next to her for awhile. After a bit, she opened her eyes. She seemed so far away, as though she were somewhere else. I whispered hello, and asked if she was still tired and wanted to go back to sleep. She still seemed to be in a faraway place, staring at the ceiling, and after a couple minutes, she murmured, "there was a man singing all night long." I made a noncommittal reply, and she said, "he just sang all night. I didn't sleep once all night long." Well, that upset me! I asked her, "he kept you awake? Didn't anyone stop him so you could sleep?" She didn't even hear me. Still staring at the ceiling, still seeming almost unaware of my presence, she whispered, "It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard in my whole life."

    I had completely forgotten what my psychic said, and I didn't remember until I got back to work and then I just got the chills. She lived another four years, steadily getting worse, and when she died, all I could imagine was the choir of voices awaiting her. She had heard a bit of the angel's choir while she was still semi-lucid and it comforted me to no end to think that this woman with her unbearably tragic life was being serenaded from a world that was really so very cruel to her.
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    The year 2006.

    I had been looking for something in my desk and was just shuffling things around when I found an envelope of numerous family photos. We had had an 80th birthday affair for my Dad and had asked attending family & friends just to bring old photos of my Dad/family however far back they could provide. My sisters had made a collection from the 1900's thru the 2000's and we had made multiples of many of the photos. So I had my envelop of duplicates.

    I was enjoying reviewing the photos and I came across one professional photograph from my folks' 1948 wedding. Such a nice picture. Dang! My Mom was pretty in her wedding gown, but my Dad ... he was one good looking dude. Like a young Elvis Presley, honest! Now my Mom had passed away in 1997 but my Dad was still with us, but starting to have serious health concerns and slow decline.

    Looking at that picture ... I remembered their anniversary was November 20. Any guesses what that date was ?????? Yup, November 20!

    I'm getting goosebumps again now. My Mom was present. My Dad passed away a year later - almost made it to the next November.

    Not quite an occurrence in my nsg career but it reaffirmed my personal belief that there is so much intangible but unexplain-able 'power' out there.
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    I was hit head-on by a drunk driver in a pickup truck when I was 19 back in 1976. I suffered internal injuries, several fractures, and a closed head injury. I was unconscious for about 3 weeks.

    During the time I was unconscious, I had what I called dreams. Some were probably just that, but as I became more conscious, some of the dreams were my family and loved ones talking to me which became intertwined in these dreams.

    One of the earliest dreams that I remember involved my younger brother and sister and I going through a an old Victorian style house. As we entered each room,
    Quote from TuggaWar
    there was a big, black shadow standing there.
    in the corner. I walked up to touch it and it disappeared. Finally, as we approached the last room, knowing the shadow would be there, I ran into the room and dove at it. Still, it disappeared.

    Having been so close to death, and experiencing an NDE, I've always interpretted the shadow to symbolize death.

    Regarding the NDE, I was in a place like the Tibetan Book of the Dead described as a gray fog. I was a part of the place without delineation. All who were there, dressed in maroon gowns were so glad to see me. I felt so loved and welcomed.

    My grandfather, who passed away in 1964 was there. I remember his smile and wire-rimmed glasses. We communicated without words- just knew what each other was thinking.

    I knew that I had to leave this place, as did everyone there. But we were happy for each other.

    It was a great "dream"!
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    Quote from doe9181
    I haven't personally experienced anything myslef while at work but 2 of my coworkers have. Last year a few people died in one of the rooms on the south side of our floor within a close time frame and one of my coworkers swears one night she seen a short, dark blob go running out of 62 bed two into the room across the hall from it. Another coworker told me that after a woman had died her and another one of our coworkers were cleaning her up and the nurse that had the deceased patient asked them to close the door and when my coworker went to close the door, she said she felt resistance and the nurse felt it from the other side also, like the door didn't wan to close. Of course it works fine now and always did before that.

    Some non-hosptial related stories I have mostly include deceased family and friends coming to let me know that they are okay after they have died. I had three seperate dreams of my grandpa that I remember vividly to this day. We were very close. The one I remember the most and that affected me the most was one where I was at his wake and I was sitting on the couch in front looking at his casket when a phone rang. My grandma told me it was for me so I turned my back to take the call. It was my grandpa on the phone telling me to turn around. I turned around and he was standing in front of me out of his coffin. He hugged me and told me that he was doing fine and missed us. I then said to him, "but grandpa, aren't you supposed to be dead?" And he said, "Yeah, I guess I am." He said it in a really sad voice and then turned around and got back in his coffin. Made me really sad.

    Another story I have is one of a friend of mine that died in a drunk driving accident in high school. I was best friends with her sister growing up before they moved away to the suburbs and switched schools. About two weeks after she died she came to me in a dream and told me she was doing alright but that her sister was not. She then asked me if i could please call her sister and have her come stay with me for the weekend to get her out of the house (they shared a room when her sisiter was alive). I felt kind of dumb calling her house but I was compelled to do it. My friend wasn't home but her mom answered and I told her all about it and her mom found such comfort in knowing that Tiffany was alright and was reaching out to her sister. Her sister came over the following weekend and we had a fun, relaxing weekend.

    One last thing that freaked me out and then I'm done (sorry this is so long). My boyfriend at the time's sister claimed she could speak in tongues. I didn't believe her and my ex said she should do it to me. They told me how she did it to her other brother's girlfriend and she was crying and really amazed. So I let her "speak in tongues" over me and she told me that my grandpa was in heaven and was doing good. She also told me that he was a police officer when he was alive (she didn't know that before) and how many brothers he had (didn't know that either) and other things she wouldn't of known. She told me that my uncle Solly (one of my grandpa's brothers) was a gruff man when he was alive (he was!) and he wasn't in heaven yet because not enough people prayed for him here on earth. You bet you butt I prayed for that man every night from that night on. I don't know if she was full of it but some of the things she knew, there was no way she would of known without me telling her. Kind of freaky right?:uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21:
    Your dream, combined with your second comment made me chuckle, Many, many years ago, my sister's best friend died in a single car accident. She was a wild child, and it wasn't altogether a shock, even though she was only about 18 or 19 years old. She had been in a couple other accidents similar to the one she died in already.

    Anyway, I had an ongoing beef with my sister and her. My sister couldn't wear my clothes -- they didn't fit her, but they fit her friend just fine. My clothes were constantly going missing and my sister would swear up and down that she had nothing to do with it. Then I'd see her friend wearing them, It caused some harsh words between us, I can tell you (Do NOT mess with a 19 year old girl's clothes that she spent all summer working to buy!), to the point that I threatened to pull my clothes right off my sister's friend's back if I caught her wearing them again.

    Anyway, a year or two after she died, I dreamed my sister's friend showed up at our former family home (we had since moved but were still living there in my dream). She was wearing a pair of jeans of mine in the dream that I never did see after she died, and I started telling her off about it. She (we both had hot tempers) told me off right back and suddenly it occurred to me that she didn't even need my clothes, and I told her really snidely that she needed to stay out of my closet and, *** did she need my clothes for when she was dead anyway? She snarled back that it didn't matter, and the dream ended. I know -- not a nursing story or a ghost story, but I hadn't thought of that for years.

    And it was weird because I simply do not dream of dead people. Even my father, whose loss was devastating to me: I only dreamed of him twice in the five years he has been dead, and on neither occasion did I actually see him. He was talking to me and we were in places (one day in the car) where, for some reason or another, I was unable to see him. Has anyone else experienced this? Dreams of loved ones where they can't actually see the relative, but can only hear him?