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    Definitely not a good idea for me to be reading these in the dark about to go to bed! So scary but can't stop reading
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    So I have a couple of stories! None specifically from nursing, but still on topic, and a good read - i hope.

    1. So my mom works (still) in surgery at a hospital here in Oklahoma. She has worked there since I was about 6 (I'm 25 now) and we used to visit her from time to time, sometimes have lunch with her, I'd be broke, call mom, and meet her for lunch, lol. Anyway, when i was about 17 or so i started working as housekeeper after school, and on weekends. One linen closet we used was back down towards the morgue. We didn't use it a lot, but from time to time, we'd have to go back there for extra supplies, carts, ect. anyway, one night i was taking a cart of extra linens to the closet. The grill stopped serving food at like 8 or something, so when I heard metal clanking together, I didn't think much of it. I figured it was someone from the caf doing something, and I kept walking. I dropped my cart off, and turn around to start walking back. Mind you, this was a fairly long hallway. It has one intersecting hallway, and alllllll the way down at the end, was the morgue. So, I was walking back, and i would have made a left at the intersecting hallway to get back to the stairs and stuff to go back to my little area. Im about halfway there, and I hear that metal clanking sound again. Again, I keep walking but at the time, I think its kind of weird, because I can't tell where it's coming from. That's when I redirect myself to get the heck out of there, and I see this foot, just a bare foot turn around that corner i'd have to go down. I froze. There was no body attached to it, and it just moved so fast, I almost wasn't sure if I saw it. Needless to say, I high tailed out out there and literally refused to EVER go back down there by myself. Told my boss about it, and she just kinda shrugged and said, "well i wondered how long it would be before you wouldnt go down there either." apparently, the other girls refused to down there alone.
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    This one is totally non-RN/Hospital related, but again, true and creepy:

    I was living with my parents and I think i must have been about 18 because I no longer had curfew. I had just gotten home, and it was after 2am sometime (no, i wasnt drunk) and I went inside the "den" living room, which was a big room, open floor plan with the kitchen, and small breakfast nook. My parents had kind remodeled, just knocked out the half-wall that divided the two rooms, retiled blah blah. So my mom had a big red sectional, and the longer side kinda divided the kitchen from the living room area. So i come in and i go over to the chase side of the couch, sit down and im waiting for the TV to boot up. We had baby gates in the entry way to keep the dogs from getting on the carpeted areas of the house. I hear with my ears, this scuffing sound against the floor, then see this big oval shaped light/glow come up over the gate, the gate actually fell down, and it heard it AGAIN scuff on the floor, then dart back behind the kitchen island. It alarmed me so much I jumped up! I thought it was my dog, I had a little white dog, oddly enough, named "Boo" but the whole point of the gate, was that he couldnt get over it, he was too short. Just a little Westie, and they have short lil chunky stocky legs (that are too cute) so then Im like, Ok maybe it was a plastic bag?? I mean i seriously tried to rationalize the situation and I never could!
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    Something that happened to me......
    I had just gotten my CNA and began working at a very nice, small, LTC facility. A lot of our PTs were still fairly independent, only to have someone stand in the BR with them when they showered, dressed etc., just in case they fell, that was about 75% of our pts too. So night shift was a breeze and we generally didn’t get a whole lot of call lights, or disturbances throughout the night. We would do our rounds, and it was usually really quiet. I was still in school at this time, and I was going PT during the daytime 4 days a week, so sometimes on my hour long ‘dinner’ break , I’d go in this empty room where there were two extra beds, and just some random supplies, and I’d take a nap.
    This room was back on the furthest side of the nurse’s station, and I’d always assumed that was why it wasn’t used. I mean, it a fully functional room…with a bathroom, walk-in closet, even had a mounted TV on the wall…anyway, I remember thinking “I hope nobody ever takes this room, I don’t know where I’ll take my naps!” (Jokes on me)
    I had done this several times. Never had anything odd happen, but one night I was laying in the bed, and I was knocked out. I remember my alarm going off, and I hit snooze and was resting a little more. The bed was in the middle of the wall, so either side was open, as beds are normally positioned. I have long hair, usually in a ponytail but when I sleep, I like to have it down because my head gets sore. Well I felt fingers run through my hair, like twirling it, playing with it. I grabbed my hair and literally, it was locked up in a little twirl. I had to comb my fingers through it to undo it. It was the creepiest thing ever.
    So I didn’t mention it to anyone. Thought maybe I was just crazy. FF to a week later, I was so tired, I really didn’t give a crap (lol) about anything and went to take a nap. I was sick, with bronchitis, so I had a terrible cough, headache…the works. So I go and lay down. After coughing for a while, I finally was able to fall asleep. I sleep on my side/stomach usually. Well I woke up to feeling 4 strong pats on my back! It was hard enough to wake me. OF course I turn around and again, not a person in sight. I never felt threatened, or terrified, just creeped out because…obviously, who wouldn’t be?
    I have a few more stories from this same place, a couple that are a scary! But I will share those in a bit.
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