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    The ability to stand up for ourselves and to have a strong national voice.
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    I sometimes feel like I am powerless in my role, yet I am responsible for everything that goes wrong. I wish nurses were more empowered.
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    I would simplify everything. I would promote more Wellness programs to help keep the population healthy and prevent diseases/illnesses from occuring before they start. I would eliminate Nursing Homes and have people properly taken care of IN THEIR HOMES where they belong if feasible. And I am a LTC nurse. PAPERWORK would be severely eliminated step by step and promote more patient interaction between healthcare professionals and their patients. Encourage More alternative methods such as massage, relaxation techniques, briofeed back as a added addition to getting and keeping well. COMMUNICATION would be my ulimate goal correcting. I find communication between health care professionals sometimes dangerous due to language barriers and other numerous interuptions when dealing with patients and families. Humans dont need to be more stressed out during a very stressful event already, I find doctors offices cold, unwelcoming, too fast paced, incredibly stressful with tvs blaring news stories/or day courts. NO TVS in doctors offices. I have too much to mention here..
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    Our job description to not include cleaning poop, pee, changing linens, or bathing patients, all of which we are to delegate to assistant staff.

    Education standards higher to increase our salary and respect.
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    Change health care from a wealth building machine to a not for profit national exercise in improving the health of the citizens.
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