What tricks do you use to make your day more bearable?

  1. Y'all probably are going to think I'm insane, but I have to play little mindgames with myself to bear my work environment.

    The first one I do is the percentage game. I make sure to note when I'm 25% done my shift, 50% done my shift, 75% done my shift, etc. For some reason, it makes me feel so much better than "I have nine hours left".

    In order to deal with terribly rude and nasty patients and family members, I pretend I'm acting in a movie script. I'm the role of a person who is extremely kind and gracious. In this movie, nothing angers me or makes me feel like crap. The better I act like nothing bothers me and remain gracious, the more money I will make for my movie. LMAO.

    I know you all definitely think I'm crazy now (and yes, I do have a plan to get out of bedside nursing, hopefully within the next two years) but these tactics really do help me sometimes.
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  3. by   JanineD23
    Actually, I really like it. I'm currently a student and there are days I am constantly checking my watch to see how much of the day is left (though not so much during my ICU rotation...somehow those days get by me way too fast). My biggest challenge hasn't been families that are rude, but nurses. I have had people try to pass me off to other nurses because "they just don't like students" and were stuck with me and others who have told me that I made a huge mistake becoming a nurse and had nothing pleasant to say about it at all. I am going to try your movie script thing because personally I don't know how to handle a nurse that so blatantly doesn't want to train incoming nurses...

    What's worse, is I have a contract with the hospital I am at and will be working with these people. Thanks for giving me a way to tolerate them
  4. by   moblondielpn
    I think back to one of the worse, most stressful days I have had and thank GOD its"not as bad as that"
    Also I dont say its a good day. I say a good hour. I think most nurses become stress junkies anyway.:typing
  5. by   stelarRN
    i don't think it's crazy at all, i like it i don't have anything to add since i'm still looking for a job but i'm sure i'll be able to relate soon!
  6. by   jnrsmommy
    I have my hourly pay broken down into minutes. So on the really bad days, I can say "Hey, I just got paid xx to put up w/ xyz". It works for me
  7. by   April, RN
    Lately, I've been reminding myself that I'm lucky to have a job to complain about!
  8. by   LilyBlue
    I think all of these are great ideas! Thank you!
  9. by   Nurse K8
    Keep telling myself "this too shall pass".
  10. by   ohmeowzer RN
    this may sound crazy , but i sing a tune ( to myself ) that i like . a song that makes me happy. i also think how lucky i am to have a job, a roof over my head and a family well fed. i count my blessings , all day . i try to think positive and tell myself i can stand it for 12 hours.
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  11. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Smiling helps me.
  12. by   zuzi
    I will share with you my surviving secret, loool, but first...i need to say soory to moderators to AN forum, trying to respect TOS but the words are not at all delicate, but is a easy song-mind, a smiling one, that that keep me to smile when around "stink" and let me to stay up...Is not my own creation... a physician very very very sick at this moment, that loved the nurses so so much, so finally he married with one (blessed be his heart, and his wife, one of my best friend) shared this song with me long time ago, when he found me with a long face, in a sunday morning before to start the work.....

    "Zuzi, if your life is hard, and you see how many yucky and unfair thinks are happen, when to be a nurse/doctor/Cna is not what means to be... sing and count and deep breath....when you will be out from here, you will forget all... sing like that....

    "ONE and TWO and THREE more *****…. soon I’m out of this ********". :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

    Are passed so many years, he is more old than was, his wife is still a woanderfull woman, always in love with him, and a sweet friend of mine... his words helped me there and helped me here... thanks doctor!
  13. by   PeachyERNurse
    I tell myself "I can do ANYTHING for 12 hours. Anything..." Usually works for me
  14. by   iluvivt
    I love my job so it is not a matter of getting through it....but when i am tired or a little cranky...i use the halfway mark trick.....I get halfway through and then treat myself to a nice cup of coffee and try not to answer any pages while i sip it and rejuvenate