What to wear to new CNA job orientation?

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    I know this may be a silly question but I got my first CNA job this week at the facility that we did CNA clinicals at. Next week I have orientation where we will watch videos, do paperwork, etc. I am wondering what I should wear. I was thinking business casual such as slacks and a nice shirt. I talked to one of the other classmates who was hired and she said she was thinking capri's and a nice shirt because the facility doesn't seem very business like. What do you think?

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    I would think anything not jeans would be nice and professional...capris probably would work..depending on the dress code for the facility...of course if it's orientation you probably won't know that yet..hmm..I'd go with what you're comfortable with, long as it's not jeans.
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    What about a denim skirt (knee length)?
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    Depends on the facility. At one facility we were told business casual, so when I decided to go to a different facility instead, I assumed it would be the same. But everyone else was there in jeans! I've also seen some CNAs come to orientation in scrubs because it's comfortable.
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    To play it safe, I'd go with slacks and/or a skirt (not denim) with a nice, conservative top. Maybe as time goes on you could wear the denim skirt with a blouse or nice top, but get a feel for the work environment first.
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    That just depends..if is nice looking you probably could get away with it..since it *is* orientation..not interview. Personally I wouldn't go the denim route..I wore scrubs for my orientation...just to be safe, then again I'm old fashioned a bit :P Or, I'd just go with what you wore to the interview. It's a fine line to me. Anyone else?
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    Hmmm, I am leaning towards slacks and a nice shirt. I didn't have an interview. They hired me on the spot on the last day of clinicals.
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    I would call and ask the facility. At the one I worked at, we had to wear our scrubs. Part of the day was spent watching movies, paperwork, etc. & part of the day was actually working. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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    I asked them what to wear when they called and told me when the orientation was, and they said whatever I wanted, so I wore jeans. So did the other people at orientation.
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    Remember you are representing yourself the healthcare field and now the facility you got hired at....no jeans, go with business casual attire.

    Congratulations and Best of Luck!

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