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I've worked in Med-Surg, Home Health, OB, Surgery, and School Nursing. I've thought about trying the ER. My favorite so far has been OB but I left it for School Nursing which I've spent the most time in. I'm back in med-surg to... Read More

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    Started out in Oncology and thought that was my dream job, got assaulted by a patient and left. I went to a telemetry/ICU stepdown unit and hated every single day the 2 years I was there. My next job was Interventional Radiology and I loved it but the environment was extremely toxic and I left it for a job in pediatric psych. I worked that job for 3 months and while I loved pediatric psych I hated the politics of working a state facility and evening shifts were awful. This all leads to my current position as a pediatric sedation nurse in MRI. I love my job and hope to stay here for a long time. It's the first time in my nursing career I'm not thinking I made a bad decision in becoming a nurse.
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    Yes and No. I ended up exactly where I thought I would be as a new grad. Stayed there 5 years and then left this past spring. Now I am doing pediatric home care and per diem school nursing. I LOVE what I'm doing now.
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    I started out in med/surg, did neuro ICU for 6 years and now I am rapid response. I am really liking rapid response. Love the fact it is totally self scheduling.
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    Quote from Nurse ABC
    I've worked in Med-Surg, Home Health, OB, Surgery, and School Nursing. I've thought about trying the ER. My favorite so far has been OB ..... Just curious what everyone else has tried and is planning on trying.
    Have you considered critical care nursing in some form? You might love a Surgical ICU or General ICU. With ICU experience, you may find a High Risk OB Unit to work.

    I worked OB, LTC, private duty, hospital float, CCU, ICU, PCICU, RICU, Telemetry & was occasionally pulled to the ER because of my experience. When I started feeling burned out after 2 or 3 years, I would request a float or PRN position for 6 months. No politics, no burnout, new experiences and acquaintances.
    At one place they asked me to be a Critical Care Float, which let me work any unit, sometimes 2 a night, that needed help. That is where I worked in Protective Care ICU and Respiratory ICU. This strategy let me work at the same facilities for 10-15 years each.
    Retired on Disability now.
    Worked for me.
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    Rehap/LTC hated it and now med/Surg love it but wouldn't want to stay there too long. Do not like pschy. It is not challenge enough for me, ER too many drug seekers. So far I still like med/Surg. Who knows I might try ICU later in my career.
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    Jaylc-you're not the first person to suggest ICU! It seems a lot of ICU nurses really enjoy their jobs! I will definately consider it. I currently work on an oncology/med-surg unit and I'm really getting bummed by all the end disease processes and dying so I will probably look for an area with less dying next. Thanks for your suggestion! I'm enjoying everyone's answers! I swore I'd never work oncology and here I am! It's not as bad as bad as I thought. Some of those cancer patients are the most grateful people I've ever met!
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    From my first semester in nursing school and my "day with the wound care nurse" I wanted to go into wound care. Like most new grads I went straight to med surg and after a year and a half our hospital opened a wound care center and I was lucky enough to be hired on PRN. My gut instinct was right, I LOVE wound care and am going to transition to full time as their buisness picks up and will be taking my Wound Care Certification this month.

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