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There were two patients in a double room on a 38 bed tele floor. One was an old fart with a sick heart an the other was a 35 year old male who was in an MVA being observed for a myocardial contusion. The old fart coded and... Read More

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    Thanks.Well, that doctor mysteriously retired right after the incident. The doctor never even met my mother...just signed off on her charts. Never even read her charts or he would have seen the big red high risk sticker.HE said no one ever told him she was high risk or that she delivers fast. Plus she was post-term. It was all in the chart. And the midwife knew better than to not refer a high risk pt to a doctor..I almost think that she wanted to try and deliver a breech baby. If they had scheduled her for a section in the first place, Matt would be fine. If there had been DOCTORS in this "high risk ob clinic" maybe a stat c-section could have been done right away instead of half an hour later. I could go on and on. It makes me sick to think that these people got to decide the fate of a little baby. If it were there own child at risk, a c-section would have been scheduled as soon as the baby was found to be breech. By the way, the third ultrasound showed footling breeach and no one looked at the position of the cord.

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