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Before I entered nursing school I thought I had it all figured out as to what field of nursing I wanted to enter. Now I am not so sure because I have had the time to see there are more options than I had originally thought. My... Read More

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    Thanks everyone. I guess I am just having problems with determining where I want to go. I want to go back to school and do my RN to Masters but I don't know what area I want to be in now.

    I know there are programs but there isn't really information about how you can try it out and see if that is what you like. I also don't want to go through school and then figure out I don't like it.

    Take Pharmaseutical trial nurses... how do you get started with that field?

    I would just really like to talk with someone who is in these fields so I could determine in which direction I should go.

    Maybe I should just go for my BSN now until I figure it out?

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    Quote from RNMariposa

    Maybe I should just go for my BSN now until I figure it out?
    One of the best decisions you'll ever make....go for it!
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    I'm, at the moment, a medical nurse.

    It's not at all what I planned.

    I worked as an extern in the Perioperative environment, and had my preceptorship in school in a NICU. I couldn't find any NICU jobs so I tried cardiac nursing and hated it. Then I did surgical nursing and liked it but not what was happening to my floor. So I went to the OR and realized it was not me at all. I ended up on a medical floor because that was the job available to me.

    I don't know how long I'll stick around here. Every day, I think I want to work somewhere else (IV Team, Staff Development, ER, ICU, NICU, Pediatric Oncology, Disaster Relief...) so I'm fine sticking around here for the time being.
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    I'm a new grad, BSN. Hopefully will make a good nurse. At least really want to be a good nurse. I love ER. I wanted to do L&D, but started working in ER as a student nurse. I fell in love with ER. I think that you need to experience something that you are interested in, and if you like it, just go for it. Nursing is the greatest profession of all, you can always try to work different areas and never be bored.
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    I'm a NICU nurse and that's all I've ever really wanted to do! (once I started school anyway..my whole life I was pretty sure I didn't want to be a nurse).

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