What is "Leapfrog ' recognition ..and how did this facility earn it?

  1. 1 Leapfrog Group, an honor that rewards medical centers for their outstanding success in such areas as infection rates, safety practices, mortality rates for common procedures and measures of efficiency.
    So, that is the definition. Apparently it's huge.
    Who leaps the leap frog? In other words what gives them the authority to bestow "honors"?

    I work in a Huge medical group that just won this "prestigious" award.
    I have 6 to 9 patients.. that I can barely pass meds too!
    How does THAT happen?
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    My facility got a prestigious award a few years back and we were all wondering how the heck it happened. It's a decent place, don't get me wrong, but we were all sitting around scratching our heads. I still suspect that someone got paid big bucks to make sure that paperwork looked all nice and pretty and that's how it happened.

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