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what is a QA nurse?

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me what a QA nurse is?
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    In our hospital there are several QA nurses - one deals with JCAHO and accreditation issues, one deals with utlization review - how the hospital admits patients per insurance qualifications. Then there are other QA nurses that check into oversights. I think I would get a job description if you are looking into this.
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    QA stands for Quality Assurance. QA nurses oversee and ensure that facilities comply with various regulatory requirements. They may also review incident reports, perform root cause analysis to determine how/why the incident occured (was it a system failure, process failure, etc.). They will then work on a solution to rectify the problem. They may also work in credentialing where they are responsible for researching the credentials of physicians, nurses, therapists and any other staff position that requires a license or certification. They review patient and staff safety issues as well as develop and implement policies to ensure safety within the facility. They may research complaints and/or concerns of patients and staff. They might develop and implement programs to increase quality of care, and measure the outcomes of these programs over time.
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    okay, sooo not for me. thanks for the help.

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