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I just joined so I'm brand new to this and apologize if this topic was already discussed in detail. I was hired for an RN position and relocating to Texas. I'm assuming I will have a med test during... Read More

  1. by   nyrn5125
    we were given a math calc and if no pass the 1st time you get a review and a retake, then if you don't pass with 90% you are let go. make sure to study the mcg/kg/min and icu calculations even if you won't be working with icu meds they can test you on it. don't forget your formulas and conversions
  2. by   JBudd
    The most basic thing to remember is the old dimensional analysis:

    unknown = available x dose x conversion

    set up what you want to know (mL or gtt/min etc) = available strength or gtt/ml, etc TIMES dose ordered TIMES conversions (mg/gram)

    as long as all the units (gtts, mg, etc) cancel out on the right to match what you are looking for on the left it works!

    Good luck
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from rosett12
    i just joined so i'm brand new to this and apologize if this topic was already discussed in detail. i was hired for an rn position and relocating to texas. i'm assuming i will have a med test during orientation, but have not had one in 7yrs. i passed my boards without a problem and passed the med test 7yrs ago at my first hospital, but that seems like a long time ago. i hate to be negative but what happens if i don't pass the med portion of the orientation? has that happened to anyone? i hate to relocate and get an apartment with the possiblity of not being able to start working. i also don't want to ask hr. i have been brushing up on past nursing books but my start date is quickly approaching. thanks
    usually they let you take it again. in my hospital, if you flunk it three times you're out, but after the first time you at least know what to study.