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I was wondering what I should pack in my work bag? I know I should bring a steth and a change of scrubs, but what else?... Read More

  1. by   ShannonRN2010
    I also carry a baggie of "personal products".
    I keep the small things organized in baggies.
    I think I have OCD.
  2. by   pielęgniarka
    • labeled stethoscope, scissors, clamps, penlight
    • pens, sharpies, hi-lighters, post its
    • name tag
    • pictures of my family in case I need a boost
    • paperclips, mini-stapler, tape
    • folders to keep important papers in.
    • clipboard
    • fingernail clippers, nail file
    • excedrin
    • a wide tooth comb and extra hairclips, bobbypins, pomade (I have naturally curley hair sometimes it gets out of control)
    • my resuable water bottle
    • my lunch. I try to always have granola bars on hand in case I forget my lunch at home
    • nice lotion
    • eye drops
    • mini drug book, mini care plan book
    • my purse (which includes but not limited to wallet, girl products, chapstick, cellphone) The purse I take out and lock in my locker. The rest comes on the floor with me.
    When I used to work in home care I had a total change of clothes with me as well. Now I work just a few minutes from home and I could buzz home quick if I needed to change.

    How come I never thought of this -- I am so going to buy a leatherman's tool! Too many times I've needed to hunt down maintenance or housekeeping for something like that, thanks for the idea.
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  3. by   coolpeach
    I am an new nurse, but have already had a situation arise where I needed spare clothes, and didn't have any. Was walking from my car to the hospital, and out of the blue the skys opened up and poured (we had no rain in our forecast). I was halfway between the car, and hospital so I ran for it. I was soaked !!!! I borrowed scubs from the OR, and soaks with the little no slip them, but my shoes, undies, bra etc were sloshy for hours. Now I carry a spare of everything.
    Also: Scissors, tape, steth, little notepads, pens, pen light, spare car key, chapstick, spare cash, body spray, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, tampons, Excedrin, nexium, pamprin, mints, gum, hard candy, snack (granola bars, energy bars etc), 5 hour energy drinks, reference materials, electronic cigarette refills, lunch. I also keep a box filled with can soups, canned chicken spread, chips and plastic silverware, and plastic bowls in my trunk in case I forget or don't have time to pack a lunch for some reason.
  4. by   RaziRN
    Hmmm...I also carry a ridiculously large bag. I have a pocket organizer (nerd!) with three pens, a penlight, scissors, a calculator and a plastic wound measuring thing that I've never used since we have the disposable ones. My stethescope, a laminated list of important phone numbers in the hospital and some MD pager numbers. My drug book, a pocket guide for quick reference on assessments, lab values and EKGs, granola bars, almonds, water bottles, various notices from the DON and employee health. There are some alcohol swabs floating around in there, hand lotion. My lunch which then goes to the refrigerator. Ibuprofen and goodness knows what else is in there. I really should clean it out. I also carry my purse which has my cell phone, wallet, car keys, chapstick, gum and hand sanitizer. I also have my digital camera in my purse which I of course NEVER use at work. I should take it out though...some people have sticky fingers at work.
  5. by   Scarlette Wings
    [font="lucida sans unicode"]wow, i almost want to say what don't i carry?! lol.
    i try not to have to hunt for any piece of basic equipment....wastes too much time that i just do not have. even worse i hate to wonder if it is working correctly, the batteries working or the calibration right. let alone has the item been cleaned! here is what i carry in my little bag.

    1. stethoscope

    2. blood pressure cuff wrap around for the arm

    3. blood pressure electronic wrist type in case i cannot access an arm as with some dialysis patients or one's with anticubital iv's and picc's.

    4. tape measure for abdomens, legs, and all sorts of measurements.

    5. scissors and hemostats

    6. pulse ox like the ones used by our respiratory department to check my respiratory patients.

    7. my "drug book" and "tabers" are both loaded into my treo smart phone along with several other programs i just cannot live without.

    8. safety pins

    9. small bottle hand sanitizer and a compactable lotion

    the rest are personal things and extra strength migraine caplets and that type of thing. usually there is a roll of tape, a few bandaides, and whatever whatnots i think i may need.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    stethescope, pen light, calipers
    pens and pencils and a few sharpees
    bottle of water,
    iphone and

    books seem to spawn in my bag. i don't get it.

  7. by   NotFlo
    In my pockets I always have:

    2 black pens
    yellow highlighter
    black Sharpie
    1 red pen
    my cart keys

    On my cart:
    Large, pedi and regular adult manual BP cuffs
    My steth

    I have two bags. One is a mini-bag. It's actually a bag that a manual BP cuff came in. In there is pretty much just extras...many, many extra pens, highlighters, a couple pencils, extra sharpies, some hemostats, some sticky notes

    In my big bag (the little bag goes in this and I shlep it back and forth):
    the little bag
    my car keys
    my swipe badge
    my name tag
    exactly two dollars (gotta have it for iced coffee in the afternoon...)
    sometimes a snack
    War heads (sour candies)
    Gum, gum and more gum
    cough drops
  8. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Ooh this is making me think of all the things I should buy for my bag. I carry a big messenger bag that's usually got a couple of school books in it (yay grad school), folders, my clipboard (complete with doctor's numbers taped inside), feminine products, chapstick, and my pencil case. In my pencil case, you'll find a 10 cc NS flush, red and black pens, tweezers, and more chapstick normally. I also carry my medications and some Tylenol with me. When I was a fresh new grad, I kept a binder of paperwork commonly found on the unit.

    I'm thinking I need to start carrying around a pair of scissors, sticking multicolored pens in every available pocket, and some snacks and hidden change.

    This is a good thread. It's interested to know what other people keep around.
  9. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Food. Stethoscope. Everything else I keep in my locker: "Nerd Pens" (the ones with red, black, green, and blue click options), feminine stuff, hair brush, tooth brush, arnica rub, and of course menthol oil to rub under my nose if I get a stinky patient.
    If I need to change my scrubs I just put on hospital scrubs.
  10. by   RaziRN
    OOh, I forgot! I also keep a pair of calipers handy!