What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me - page 3

I have been a nurse for 14 years and over the years I have learned many things. I have learned that there are days when 12 hours feels like 24 hours. I have learned that it is okay to cry because you... Read More

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    hey i just got this one "WRONG" on the test. Not suppose to cry - your suppose to "assess". since when are nursing simply technicians?
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    it is again a nice article mr bugaloo...keep it up!!!
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    Wow! I am currently in Nursing School, and everything you said, seems soo true! I hope one day I can be able to "learn" what you have and "roll with the punches" as well! Thanks for the inspirational story! Very heart-warming!
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    You touched my heart. Every word is true but you say it with compassion and an acute understanding of the human condition. Thank you
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    Thank you, TimeToShine! I am so glad you enjoyed it

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