What are you munching on for Super Bowl? - page 3

I'm having shrimp salad, marinated salad with cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzerella, and some rare roast beef. And of course, a margarita. And probably Tums.....:D... Read More

  1. by   Melinurse
    I am soooo jealous. I have not had the "good stuff " since I left Texas over 12 years ago. So there is a god place in N.Carolina? Awesome. We had talked about possibly moving down that way since most of my family is in the area. Of course we talked about Texas too. Just too cold up here in Wisconsin.
  2. by   Atheos
    Quote from truern
    One of my best friend's husband is in Texas and he brought me one back. I froze it for a special occasion and yesterday seemed like the perfect one.

    Had some nice fresh sourdough, homemade slaw, and a great sweet-hot BBQ sauce. I was in pig heaven!!

    We have a restaurant in Raleigh that serves slow cooked Texas brisket...theirs is "almost" as good.

    Even though I'm in the DC area there is a guy from Austin that started a restaurant called the Capital Q BBQ (not sure about TOS but googling it makes it come up right away ) here.

    IT is AWESOME. I was eating that.

    Yes I cheated and ate some brisket, along with some texas caviar and potato salad. They even have Shiner Boch. Real Texans know all about that!!!