We are AllNurses!

  1. Who We Are
    We are nurses, some born, others made, some innate, others acquired. We are people who make a difference in the lives of others and our families through our expert care and quest to understand better, our clients' needs.

    What we Do
    We work as part of a medical team in providing quality care to patients in terms of recuperating or being there for their final departure...

    Where we are
    We are in a vast number of places. You name it and we have probably been there. We roll from hospitals to clinics to home health to tech corps. to long term facilities to school nurses to triage to insurance to name but a few. Again, you name it and we have probably been there!

    How we are
    We try to be a supportive environment to our patients, families, colleagues or just the occasional stranger. We admit that we don't always get it right, but we do try our darnest. It's just that sometimes our darnest does fall short but we still keep trying.

    We are AllNurses and we stand in this together.

    We stand a fighting chance to Be and Stay Recognized Professionals in our Industry and World

    The End
    By The Optimist
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  3. by   cardiacfreak
    Very well said.
  4. by   weirdscience
    Nicely put!
  5. by   TrevyRN
    Wow... I feel like we are going to the nursing equivalent of the alien battlefield from Independence Day and the President of the United States just gave us a pep talk. I don't know if I needed it at the moment - but hey - nothing like a little more ego juice to put in the ol' tank for when I'm feelin' down later!

    Cheers and thanks