Washington state to make Medical Assistants work under RN license? - page 3

Hi all. This is for Washington state RNs in particular and I am sure in coming years other states are going to attempt this in state BONs. The DOH ( which is our BON here in Washington ) has... Read More

  1. by   VICEDRN
    in my state, techs can start Ivs, start foleys and administer meds as an ma in a doctors office. I can tell you some horror stories of necrotic limbs and adverse events from techs pushing meds when they shouldn't when the temptation is there. After all, they can start a line so why not use it? And why not have a paramedic triage the patient too? The truth is nurses aren't proud enough of what they do to try and protect it and ultimately it's not a good thing.
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