Was just offered a clinical liaison position! Was just offered a clinical liaison position! | allnurses

Was just offered a clinical liaison position!

  1. 0 I am very excited... I've been working per diem up until now and I could really use the break from the bedside while I continue my education. Plus, it's full time which is a major blessing in this economy. Any other clinical liaisons out there? If so, how do you like your job?
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    what is a clinical liaison? Other than that, congrats if you're happy
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    Nursing uses so many job descriptions - what is it that you will be doing?
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    Thanks! My position will entail being the go-between the agency and families/doctors/schedulers/supply companies. My job is to make help make the field nurses' jobs easier. I do the pre-admits, discharges, MAR updates, and some other administrative activities. I guess I would be... like... um, a medical secretary with a nurse's title.
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    it's been a year since you posted this...i was just hired as a clinical nurse liaison...how has your job been since this post..and do you have advice to share with me...i'm excited and VERY nervous