Under Investigation at work?

  1. Hi,


    I have been working in the hospital for the past 5 months, no complaints or problems. I recently switched to day shift.

    After my shift today I got called into my supervisors office and was told that there is going to be an investigatory meeting regarding my patient care on Monday. I may get representation, but I need to let them know when I can set this up but tomorrow.

    I don't know where this is coming from.

    Please can someone give me some information?

    I have never been disciplined before at my work place.

    Will this likely lead to me being terminated? Is my license at risk? I know I did not do anything illegal. I always put 150% when I am at work.

    I am a member of a union and I will call them for representation. But do I need a lawyer as well? I can't really find any information online regarding this situation.

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   klone
    Contact your insurance carrier an/or an attorney.
  4. by   tyvin
    Take the union rep in asap to find out what's up. Nursing politics are at work here...or at least that's what it sounds like.

    It could have been a patient complaint or a staff complaint. I'll wager to say it's something that they have blown way out of proportion.

    In my state you can record a conversation without the other party knowing. I would take my smart phone and record the whole thing as well. I just recorded a very important meeting with something I'm involved in. I just went in and sat down and fiddled with my phone and when the meeting started I put my phone down by my writing pad on the conference table. It was an app that can record while the phone is turned off (I love technology). It's not that important but you would be surprised what you hear the second time around...and it's not legal in all states; only a few.

    Oh how I wish all bosses and management had our backs. All this bickering and policing over details for what. You must be good or they wouldn't have advanced you to days. Something smells afoul; keep us posted. If you have any buddies on the night shift, I would give a call to see if they heard anything.

    Remember; you have rights, so don't make any rash decision in there. If they demand something of you tell them you'll need a few days to think it over; if they put you on leave or suspend you get all the info in writing and don't sign anything. In these types of meetings it's best to listen and not say too much until you are better prepared. Let the union rep talk for you. You don't need a lawyer when you have your union rep.

    Go get em!
  5. by   GreenApplesauce
    HI tyvin,

    thanks so much for the reply. Do you think I could be suspended or put on leave? The meeting is next week. If they were going to suspend me, would they not have done it already? I have a full week of shifts. Since it is regarding patient care.

    Thanks again. Your reply is greatly appreciated.
  6. by   GreenApplesauce
    Hi Klone,

    thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have no insurance, I did not think I needed it. Even when I inquired to other nurses I knew they scoffed at the idea. In the back of mind I meant to. Never got around to it.
  7. by   GreenApplesauce
    You know,

    I really don't mind being fired. I am just really concerned about my nursing license. It was very expensive and I want to use it. I think I would be better suited for research nursing or community health.

    I worry about a report sent to the BON of any sort. Even though I am excelling on my floor, I just don't like the nature of hospital nursing. I feel sick to my stomach and I have a bad migraine because of this. I want to call in sick tomorrow. Is that a good idea considering the circumstances? Going to work tomorrow seems dreadful. I don't think I can concentrate being there and feeling the way I do right now.
  8. by   tyvin
    Interesting...have you asked your union rep what it's about? Since you are still working I really don't see how it could be that negative. You don't need a lawyer; if it came to that the union has their own lawyers (at least our does). I really don't know what's up since you're still working. It's certainly not fair for them to put you through all this without telling you something definitive.
  9. by   GreenApplesauce
    Hey tyvin,

    they told me at 6pm today, so I did not have a chance to call my union before they closed for the day. I want to call tomorrow but I work from 7a-7p, the times they will be open. I don't think I can think straight with all this going on and me not knowing what is going on and still preform my patient care duties.

    I can't call my union while at work, just too busy and too stressed on the floor. I am lucky if I get most of my breaks. Sometimes just a 15min and a lunch break, though I am entitled to 3 15min breaks plus my lunch.

    I have never called in sick...but I just need a break and some rest. And some time to call my union and have a plan ready.

    I think I may call in. I can't even sleep and I need to get up for work in 6hours.
  10. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Contact your union rep. As per terms of service we cannot offer legal advice. If you need an attorney your union may be able to assist you. You can also check out the association of nurse attorneys for a referral, these are nurses who are attorneys that have experience with license defense and other issues before the board of nursing. http://www.taana.org/referral
    Good luck