Tuition Forgiveness

  1. What is Tuition Forgiveness??

    I'm trying to understand what it entails.

    For instance, I graduated from nursing school and my employer tells me that I can get all the money I spent for tuition in nursing school back through their tuition forgiveness program.

    Does that mean that the $6,000 (which excludes books and lab fees...just solely nursing classes/tuition) will be given back to me, no hassles?

    I'm confused.
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  3. by   lvnandmomx3
    Most likely you will have to sign a contract stating that you will remain with the facility for X amount of years, and if break the contract then you will owe the facility. There are catches that come with it.
  4. by   RNDave
    Some of these forgiveness programs require you to work a certain time before the employer issues you any money. Check out the details, ask questions.

  5. by   Tweety
    Maybe ask your HR Dept. what she means.

    My guess is that it's loan forgiveness. If you have any outstanding loans many states participate in the loan forgiveness program if you are working at a hospital of need, which it sounds like you might be.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    As others have mentioned, it sounds like they will pay off your loan or tuition paid, but will have to work for that particular facility for a certain amount of years. My job paid my way to become an LPN. I was on a paid leave of absence, tuition is paid as well as books, but I owe them some time. It is a benefit because I had an immediate job as soon as I received my license, but the disadvantage is if a better, more hospitable opportunity arises, I may have to wait before I accept a new position. I have already had other job offers that pay considerably more, but, had to decline because of this contract. Actually, the locations of these jobs were too inconvienent for me, but I'll tell you something...if they offer something worth my time, I will consider paying them back and calling it a day after two years, at least.