Tips for Geriatric and LTC Nursing - page 2

I have worked in Geriatric/LTC nursing for over 20 years. The same scenario has played out hundreds of times in my career. It goes something like this: I meet a new person who asks me what I do... Read More

  1. by   nursin4ever
    How wonderful is this article!!!!! I am a nursing student and I really don't have any other overwhelming interest than geriatrics and LTC. You can be everything and do everything
  2. by   kiszi
    :heartbeat Great article!! Bless you for putting into words the reality of being a LTC nurse, and giving a little bit of an education to those who may not understand what we do.
    I too hear "I could never do that" or even snide comments about "smelly old people." But I'm satisfied knowing that I'm doing a job that many people couldn't. We LTC nurses are a special breed, and oh so needed.
  3. by   moochsmom
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are right about how people think that working in a nursing home is disgusting, this includes our fellow nurses. I love being a geriatric nurse. It has always been one of the most rewarding aspects of my nursing career. If nothing else geriatric nursing keeps you on your toes.
  4. by   pill2008
    The bottom line is that we do what we love to do. Do not worry because people who thinks you don't know nothing are absolutely ignorant on what we do as a nurse in the LTC. We have the upper hand because we are the the nurse, the doctor and the phlebotomist and most of all we are being paid more than the nurses working in the hospitals.
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  5. by   sweetpea_dng
    I wouldn't choose any other field after working in LTC. I started out working as a CNA in a nursing home at a young age. I have since maintained the relationships with my patients and their families. Had it not have been for LTC I may have never chose nursing. I like hospital work and hats off to the nurses there, but how many of them truly know their patients or can even remember their names after they leave. Yes watching people you've cared for over the years pass away is hard you know that their days of suffering are over and they are in a better place. At least I know my compassion and will to give them the best quality of life made a difference to not only them but their families!
  6. by   safta24
    I would imagine the depth of your nursing is deeper as you get to know
    your patients & learn to anticipate their needs & fears. Must be so much
    more rewarding than the hussle & bussle of acute hospital care where you
    barely scratch the surface of knowing your patients. good for you.
  7. by   macspuds
    What a wonderful article you have written. You say all that is in the heart of those who truly love LTC>
    Thank you for putting our thoughts into print.
  8. by   LPNBarbie
    Been there..done that..I totally understand!!
  9. by   oldbutnewlpn
    Oh please hang in there, Peorple in LTC need all the love and care they can get, It will be the best job, with the most hugs, and the nicest people. Even when thye are not nice remember, they have lost everything to be somewhere they don;t want to be, I did the aid thing for 4 years and then got my LPN licence, I am 58, if i can anyone can,, I love my job.
  10. by   NEVER3
    my first job was in ltc, i was a nurses aide, over the years became a cna and a pca and a hhca...home health care aide working with people in their homes that had challenges with adls, we did meds and took them to school and dr's appts and cleaned their houses and washed their clothes and bathed them and grocery shopped, im now an lpn recently...june and working on my rn online...i so to speak have done it all, i am 43 and worked after becomming licensed in a hospital med surg floor and loved having only 5-6 pts, a computer and a it was great, however i left and went back to where i started very busy most days and find it difficult to do all that is expected of me but i try....i love it and wish my body would im day shift. im planning on going 11p till 730a for obvious reasons....legs back the charting is time consuming and when you sit to do it, someone always has other ideas thus seeing you sitting there, i feel nursing on any level is vital to any person needing to be nursed. we are a team and we spend our days trying to help others. just like a tree is a tree, a nurse is a nurse. flo didnt discriminate. she took care of soldiers men women children etc mom always said theres way to many chiefs and not enough indians, i now know exactly what she meant. i love my title i worked hard to obtain...yet i still like to answer call bells and potty my residents if i can, helps me remember why i wanted to be in this field to begin with. so to any and all nurses everywhere be proud of what you do and who you are....because the people you care for everyday regardless of where really appreciate you and need your tlc no matter what title you have embedded on your name tag.
    peace, love & happiness to all and have a spooky ooky halloween :heartbeat
  11. by   pill2008
    What a wonderful story that is. Not so many nurses are like you. God bless you on what you are doing.