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i was surprised when a psychiatrist put my patient on thorazine. i rarely see patient taking this medicine nowdays. do you still give this medication to your patient?... Read More

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    Quote from heron
    I'm seeing it a bit more to manage terminal agitation and behavioral dyscontrol in my hospice patients, especially when haldol or ativan seem to be producing paradoxical reactions.
    thank you, heron!!
    we too, use it for intractable vomiting and agitation.
    works like a charm.

    when pts are in the active phase of dying, we don't focus on long term effects.
    of course if there are obvious se's, then we dc.
    but except for 1 pt, it has worked miraculously.

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    Quote from crawlyberry
    i have seen a doctor give it for hiccups...has anyone seen this?
    my junior year in college, after i had hiccuped for about 72 hours almost nonstop, i went to the er. when nothing they tried worked, a resident walked me across the street to my dorm room. then, and only then, he gave me an injection of thorazine. it worked but i slept nonstop for 32 hours and woke up with a killer headache, but no more hiccups.:bowingpur

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    Oh yes... vitamin T.... We use it, works like a charm, wish we still had concentrate, but tabs and IM's are good enough
    We use a wonderful little cocktail for agitated psychotics known as TLC (thorazine, lorazepam and cogentin)
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    We used thorazine suppositories in hospice for terminal agitation as well. Much preferred over ativan. Nice and peaceful results.
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