Think of your favorite coworker.

  1. I have several different favorite coworkers. Interestingly enough, amount of knowledge doesn't seem to be a factor. I mean, yes, I appreciate a wealth of knowledge, but as long as the coworker isn't a complete dummy, I value other things much more - like willingness to help, punctuality, positive attitude, able to admit when something is out of their scope.
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  3. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Quote from LilyBlue
    ... willingness to help, punctuality, positive attitude, able to admit when something is out of their scope.

    All of those qualities you state above ring true for me. I rank those attributes high on my list. A nurse who has a knowledge surplus can have a need for power so great as to hinder her/his tendency to do the humbling things of nursing, ie empty a bedpan, help with a pt transfer to a bed, distribute trays... Sure knowledge is a valued commodity, but when I need help I would like help rather than a I'm too important to do those things attitude. Go to fricken Med school!!!
  4. by   RN1982
    Amen to that. We as nurses are not above emptying a bedpan. It's sad that there are those who do think they are above it. Knowledge is great. It's wonderful but it doesn't make you so great that your crap don't stink.
  5. by   SoundofMusic
    What?? I always empty the bedpan if it happens to fall on me ... in fact, it seems my techs always seem to be conveniently out of the room when it needs to be done ....

    My favorite co-workers are those who are friendly, (of course), who smile, who are eager to share knowledge w/o lording it over you, eager to help, and also who can be forgiving of MY mistakes, not in my business, quizzing me about what I'm doing and why -- one nurse on our floor always seems to be watching me and questioning my every move --what is up with that? She's the only one who does it, so I'm not sure why.

    Also enjoy folks who are talkative, yet not attention mongers. We have some who just can't seem to shut up at the nursing station, or talk constantly at the top of their voice while you're trying to chart and THINK.

    Any person who just has a normal personality and is professional is fine w/ me. But they seem to be few and far between some shifts.
  6. by   tryingtohaveitall
    Thanks for posting this. When you asked me to think of my fav co-worker, I realized it was someone I wouldn't have initially named. We've worked together in different capacities over the years, always as nurses though. What makes her my fav nurse is that because we know each other so well and think alike, we can anticipate what the other needs. We work together very well in a crisis. We're iron sharpening iron.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    I value coworkers who are not snitches, tattletales, passive-aggressive, or otherwise unpleasant to work with. Knowledge is important, but personality is the icing on the cake.
  8. by   SoundofMusic
    I was impressed by a colleague the other day who didn't have much of a load of her own, who recognized that I was drowning and just jumped in and spent a bunch of time getting all the difficul labs and cultures and IV's placed on my pt. It would have literally blown my night to do all of these things, but she helpfully jumped in and did it and was HAPPY to do it -- as if it were her own patient. I was just so impressed and glad to be working w/ her that night -- and anytime really. She's just a great team worker and doesn't frown on you for not being able to get it done yourself. She's also very experienced and knowledgeable,but you'd never know it. She doesn't brag about her experience or look down on new people in the least.

    I call her a PROFESSIONAL.