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Someone I known mentioned that she had dropped out of nursing school because she didn't believe in Western medicine. I'm trying to get a handle on what this is all about and I just started reading... Read More

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    Quote from zahryia
    I hope you don't discourage your patients from praying. After all, there's no scientific proof that God exists. Oh but wait, if there's a clinical trial that shows praying to a non-scientific being (therefore non-existent in your eyes), then you'd go for it.
    Actually, there have been legitimate, double-blind studies testing prayer as an intervention, and they found no significant effect ...

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    I'm not going to waste my time searching for money to conduct herbal cliincal trials when A) I don't necessarily rely on them in the first place B) Even if the herbs do well, it will be dismissed as a placebo and C) It might not even be published ...

    The problem is there's not enough people who know and understand both western and non-western medicine. Only when you know both, can you truly compare and contrast.
    As "the Church Lady" on SNL would say, how conveeeeeeeeenient ... You don't see any need to do any testing comparing the efficacy of alternative treatments, or comparing them to conventional treatments, because you have already decided they're better and you're sure any result that did show they worked would be dismissed as placebo effect. Gee, that's the point of the scientific method and the standard double-blind methodology -- to account (and correct) for the placebo effect within the design of the study. If alternative and complementary treatments are so great, why the great reluctance to submit them to the same kind of study and verification that conventional treatments go through? What is it the alternative/complelementary folks are afraid of? They want to be taken seriously as offering legitimate treatment modalities for various illnesses and conditions, but they don't want to be held to the same standards that conventional, "Western" medicine is -- well, ya can't have it both ways ...

    Your defenses of alternative/complementary treatments seem to keeping coming back to (or boiling down to) you just have to believe, and a lot of us just don't buy that.
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    At least one study showed that, when patients know people are praying for them, they actually do worse.