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I'm a math person, so it really bothers me when my manager asks us to do an additional task or duty without subtracting a current task or duty. The math doesn't add up. Our current duties take up... Read More

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    sounds like a great experiment- but some suit would say it costs bleeps.
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    We have cards in everyone's charts. They're get well cards the secretary gets them ready and everyone signs they're name and maybe a message throughout the patients stay. They aren't thank you cards ( come ON, really??) but the patients do love them. I should also mention were an acute rehabilitation unit and have our patients from 2 weeks to 2 months.

    "No day but today"
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    When I did LTC management had cards out for people after they passed away. They were in a location where any staff member (PT, OT, SW, nursing, dietary, etc) and other residents and their family members could sign if they wanted to. No one was made to. I only signed them if I felt close to the family. At least with LTC people were there long enough to get to know the staff and would recognize the names on the card.
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