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Son, We made it! I know that there are going to be people that try to correct me on that statement, "We" didn't do it..., "I" did it. They are wrong. I'm just talking to you right now little guy. Don't pay attention to... Read More

  1. 1 a guy and this has me tearing up. As a father of two, and still on my nursing journey as an LPN, I just wanna give you the props you deserve. Wow.
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    Sweet is the taste of victory after a long battle
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    Thank you for sharing ur heart with us. It's really touching,inspiring, and it opens the eyes,minds,and hearts of parents traveling the same road. Its lets us know that while we improve ourselves to give more of ourselves to others,that we are not alone in our journey,and that what we see the least,is what shows up in the end,and counts ethe most. GOD bless you in your new journey.
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    I am glad you gave thanks to your son. Children are often left out when parents are going to school or change jobs. I know he must be very proud of his hero. But most of all God deserve the most high thanks and praise.
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    omg.. **TEARS... I love this...:heartbeat
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    ...and Thank You. I, too, have a son, age 4. And I, too, have just finished my nursing course. My son was born just as I began my career as a student and, like yours, our journey has been a long one. Thank you for saying everything I have in my heart. I thank my son as well.
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    When I first read this article when it was featured on the homepage a few weeks ago, I fell in love with it. I can totally relate to so much of it, it really made a lasting impression. So, when I was assigned to give an oral reading for one of my classes, I chose this article. My instructor and fellow classmates loved it. A lady that was sitting next to me had tears in her eyes. My instructor said it was a great piece to read for our class and I ended up with an A! Thank you so much for touching so many hearts over here at Baker College of Flint, Michigan.
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    i tried to hold back the tears, but they gave way.....(what guy does this on his first time reading an article?) i guess i can say, i'm empathetic.....
    great job!

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    This made me tear up. I am very picky about writing, and this is one of the best pieces I've read on here. Congrats to you and your son!
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    thank you for sharing this.
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