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Tattoo question

  1. 0 Hi, I'm curious, has anyone had a difficult time getting hired or covering a small wrist tattoo? I'm still taking my prerequisites. I would like to get a small wrist tattoo, but I don't want it to hinder my chances of getting hired later on. Any insight anyone one has would be much appreciated.

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    I had no trouble but I was we'll known and they loved my people skills and work ethic so they didn't mind
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    Quote from Rhi007
    I had no trouble but I was we'll known and they loved my people skills and work ethic so they didn't mind
    Thank u for responding. Did u get get the tattoo while working there or before you started?
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    It's up to you as to when to get it.

    However...IMO, it's better to err on the conservative side and cover a tattoo for job interviews, even if you see/know that other people working there have visible tattoos. After you land the job, then you can get a feel for your work environment and whether it'd really be OK to show it...but you need to land the job in the first place.

    As far as hiding it goes, I know a lot of people rave about Dermablend makeup. Kat von D is supposed to have a good foundation/tattoo hiding makeup as well. I haven't had direct experience with either product though--as long as I can wear pants at work I don't have to cover my ink. I suppose if I ever go into administration and start wearing skirts, that'd be a different story...and would require a hell of a lot of Dermablend
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    I have a large wrist tattoo and a ring tattoo and have had no issues getting hired. I cover them during interviews, and depending on the unit policy cover it at work. I got my wrist tattoo prior to going in to nursing. If I'd done it afterwards, I would have made it small enough to be covered by a thick watch- as it is, a watch doesn't really cover it but in some places appears to be considered covering it enough for the dress code gods.
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    I have 15 tattoos but none show in scrubs, my boss or patients don't know I have any. My recommendation would be to get a tattoo in a hidden place.
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    Every hospital I've worked at has had a no visible tattoo or piercing policy. I don't think it's enforced much, but just be careful.
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    Thanks everyone! I will definitely look into the dermablend!!
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    Quote from smyleeRN2b

    Thank u for responding. Did u get get the tattoo while working there or before you started?
    Both of them were done prior to me getting the job
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    I think it depends a lot on the facility. When I did my preceptorship, one of the techs had full sleeve tattoos and none of the patients seemed to care.
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    I would make sure you can cover it during an interview.
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    I've found that it really does depend on the facility. I work in pediatric oncology, and I have six large, visible tattoos. My patients and families doe not mind, and probably 50% or better of the parents have tattoos. Opinions have definitely changed over the course of the past few years. That said, when I interview, I always wear longs sleeves and make sure that my tattoos are covered. I don't think tattoos are unprofessional, but not everyone sees it as such. In my past life, as a Senior Operations Manager, I hired based solely on ability and resume. Some of my best managers had tattoos, dreadlocks or piercings. Those things doen't impact the ability to do a job, or how well that job is done.
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    You should, however, be aware that most nursing schools are MUCH stricter about visible tats than employers are. I would recommend waiting to get it until you are done with nursing school.