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Hello! I just started my clinical rotation for school last week and it's been really really great! I am in the LPN program at my school and we've just been doing bed baths and changing linens and charting but it's been awesome... Read More

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    Quote from Samantha79
    Is it small enough that your watch can cover it? At the facilities I have been to they stress no sleeves around the wrist, for infection control purposes. If you do wear long sleeves they have to be pushed up. I'm just thinking how nasty a wrap around your wrist could get by the end of the day. If a watch can cover it, then that would be the way to go. If not, it wouldn't hurt to try the makeup. I would stay away from the wraps and long sleeves. Let us know how the makeup goes if you try it. I'm thinking about a small wrist tat myself.

    wearing a watch or a bracelet (wide band) and especially elastic/beads works perfectly. most facilities allow a watch.

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