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  1. by   JB2007
    Quote from JBudd
    3 hours, but it was a blizzard and most of the day shift was having a hard time getting there.
    Well if blizzards count, I had to stay over 14 hours after my 12 hour shift due to a blizzard. I was getting ready to clock out when it was announced over head that it was manditory to stay until futher notice. I hate it when that happens. Thank God blizzards do not hit my area often.
  2. by   jessiern
    Guess I'm lucky.

    Stayed till 10pm after a young girl coded and passed. Family was going crazy. It was a huge, chaotic mess. Worst shift ever. I was such a mess, one of the oncoming nurses called my mom to come pick me up and take me home.

    The next latest was after another very messy code as well. Left at 9:30 that night. But, I'm usually out the door by 7:45 at the latest.
  3. by   tatara
    8 hour regular shift + 9 hours extension = 17 hours of no shower, no underwear change, no extra white clinical uniform, and no sleep, all work.

    I reported for work at 2pm, supposed to be out by 10pm. But all 4 staff nurses who were to take over were exposed unprotected to a Meningococcemia case the day before, so they were not allowed to go to work (infection control SOP). It was because only during my shift that the dreaded diagnosis was confirmed while the patient was already in isolation.

    Pull-outs/ on-call nurses who came in as relievers were all new and were not from med/surg area. I had to stay as charge nurse, being the most senior, just so the area with census of 30 patients (3 on mechanical vents, 2 on cystoclysis I&O Q1, 4 on tube feeding, and 1 on insulin drip CBG monitoring Q1) can get through the night.

    A bottle of energy drink and 2 mugs of coffee did help a lot to keep my mind awake. I clocked out at 7 am the next day all feeling dirty and tired.

    I was able not to sleep for over 24 hours!

    My personal record. Couldn't forget it