Sudden VTACH to VFIB

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    Is sudden Vtach and then to pulseless vfib randomly in the night of day common? No pvc's during the day, electrolytes within range. Bilat chest tubes d/t bilat pneumo's. s/p cabg several weeks. vitals within normal limits all shift. Probably from some type of resp failure caused vtach/vfib. Has this happened to anyone? no warnings and just bam!

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    Well I wouldn't say its normal, but I wouldn't say it is totally abnormal though. Many people that code do so with sudden V-Tach. I don't work on a floor though so I haven't seen the rhythms over a period of days...rather I see tele of the course of a few hours. Maybe someone with more experience will come and give you a better answer.
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    Is it possible that one of his grafts from the CABG ruptured?
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    pressures were great
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    Reperfusion? Does the patient move him/herself? Perhaps the left chest tube is up against the PA???
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    What is his RV function like? Was it distended. Was he fluid overloaded?
    Most respiratory arrests I have seen were either bradycardic arrests or asystolic arrests.
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    so he coded ....i think it had something to do with the CABG....what happened???
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    I had a patient who had been totally fine, but the graft failed. The pt. was rushed directly to the OR during the code, because this had happened to her once before. Her rhythm had been great and I was talking to her and then all of sudden she went into vtach then vfib. So I'm guessing the graft failed.
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    I ran to him within seconds of the vtach. shocked so many times. not a good outcome

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