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Hi, I am a second year student currently doing my third semester of practicum. During a praxis session, our teacher and my class were going through comments that had been made during our... Read More

  1. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from janhetherington
    I see students interact with nurses in which the nurses are annoyed at what they perceive as the students' sense of entitlement. Sometimes students do act that way. Students believe they should be able to practice skills at every opportunity and get so excited they forget the patients are human beings, not there for their education. Sometimes students also act as though the staff must take their opinions to heart and get indignant that the nurse doesn't give pain medicine, comfort a family, call the doctor about something the patient wants, etc. because the nurse is grappling with other more important problems at the time. Students don't understand the hospital culture, be it right or wrong, that says new nurses (and by extension students) have to prove themselves before they are given equal status with more experienced staff. All that can add up to what seems like a sense of entitlement.
    Or the student isn't willing to do anything or will do only what she wants to do, not any more or anything different, should an opportunity arise. Or the student's eyes are on the clock or they hide out or the student is on the phone, stuff like that. Or maybe they say stuff like, "I don't need to learn that (something in the bedside care arena, like bathing, bedpans, and the other hands-on things) because I'm going to be a
    midwife, NP/CRNA/Manager.

    I think it's interesting that your Instructor couldn't tell you what the term meant. She sounds like kind of a screwball .
  2. by   truern
    It's not been *that* long ago that I was a student....I think it has more to do with maturity and respect than anything else. I would never have taken a chair that a nurse needed...heck, who had time to sit?!? I gave up charts right away when they were needed by staff. I was respectful and THANKFUL for the opportunity to learn in a clinical setting.

    Sadly, I seldom see that type of students. I'm not sure what instructors are telling them is ok, but it's NOT ok to take chairs and space meant for's not ok to hog computers that staff need to look up labs,'s not ok to think that student needs trump patient/staff needs.

    Hopefully this thread won't get pulled like the last one did.....