1. HI, this question is a little embarassing for me to ask....but what all could it mean after I go to the rest room and I wipe my behind and a small amount of blood is on the toliet paper? It does not happen every time I go to the rest room. it happened yesterday and then the last time was four months ago. IT is not a lot of blood it is only the size of 5 maker points total may this much :kiss this is how wide it is not very wide. I think it may be that (this is nasty) my stool is to large and it makes my rectum open to much? is this possible? I am only 20 what else could it be? I think I need a stool softner what do you think? OH and it is bright red..Thanks and sorry this is a stupid or nasty question but it happens......

    I am so unsure on what to do
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  3. by   wv_nurse 2003
    Its most likely hemmoroids (?never could spell that word right!)--but by all means, if you are concerned, talk to your family physician, and have a stool checked for blood.
    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Beetlejuice
    Roids is my guess too. Assuming no other symptoms. Drink plenty of water and up the fiber in your diet.
    Agree with above posters, but of course you should see your doctor just to rule out the more serious stuff first.

  6. by   emily_mom
    Since it is bright red, you know where the source of the bleeding is coming from...

    Could be internal rhoids. SIL had the same thing awhile back and described it....sounded just like you!

    But, see your doc before treating. He/she can rule out anything else.

    P.S. Does it hurt when you poop??
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  8. by   lpnga
    no it does not hurt to use the rest room everytime....... only when I have had a little blood...there is no blood in the stool itself....should I go to family doctor or my ob/gyn? I have been told both....
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    You could have an anal fissure. Which is a small tear in the lining of your rectum. I had this happen to me when I was 13. Had a really hard stool that tore my rectum and made it bleed severely. Went to a colon-rectal surgeon. Put through a fibersigmoidoscopy and then a barium enema. Nothing was found though so the doc said it was prolly an anal fissure.

    Go to the doc though and have it checked!
  10. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by lpnga
    no it does not hurt to use the rest room everytime....... only when I have had a little blood...there is no blood in the stool itself....should I go to family doctor or my ob/gyn? I have been told both....
    I would probably start with the family doc. The ob-gyn would probably tell you that is not his area (LOL!). But go to who ever you feel the most comfortable discussing such issues.
  11. by   sjoe
    Sounds like hemorrhoids to me, as well--something that happens to nearly every adult from time to time. (Why do you think Prep H, etc. are advertised so widely during the evening news?) If I were still a telephone advice nurse, I would suggest:

    1) soft bathroom tissue (and don't "scrub")
    2) Prep H gel
    3) Tucks wipes
    4) cotton as opposed to artificial fiber underwear (less abrasive)
    5) no "straining at stool"
    6) drink lots of water
    7) lay off eating things that constipate, such as cheese
    8) minimize sitting for hours on end. move around.
    9) wash the area with warm water when irritated
    10) check with your doc if there is substantial blood loss or if this continues daily for over a month even though you are doing the things listed above, OR if you will worry yourself sick otherwise.
  12. by   lpnga

    Thanks for the help but what if I only bleed every few months and only one time?
  13. by   frannybee
    That's not unheard of - most people with haemorrhoids don't have problems *every* single day. If you follow the advice given above all the time it could very well reduce/stop the incidence of bleeding. If you're not having pain when you pass a motion it's unlikely to be a fissure. They tend to hurt like hell. If you're having recurrent problems, you need to go to your GP to get a proper diagnosis.

    Treatment for 'roids is pretty primitive - firstline is injection with 5% phenol to shrink them. If that fails, or the doctor isn't a fan of injection, banding is the next option. They pop a little rubber band around the base of the roid and it will wither and be passed with the stool in 7-10 days time. If all of those fail, and you can't live with the symptoms, extreme cases may be offered surgery. It's worth noting that most GPs aren't equipped to provide those treatments so if your doc feels it is necessary he/she will refer you to a surgeon as an outpatient.

    Fran, Rigid Siggy Queen
  14. by   lpnga
    I does hurt when I bleed...but not when I use the restroom on a daily bases.