Stethoscope testing?

  1. 0 Hello all,

    I need to purchase a stethoscope for nursing school this fall, and I understand that the one you hear best with is a matter of personal preference; so, I pose this question to all of you: is there a place where you can try out different scopes before you buy them? I am in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Thanks, and it's been fun reading a whole lotta posts!!
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    is there a medical supplies store in the city?
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    Some of our local med supply or uniform stores have them for testing purposes. I would call and ask them about it!
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    One of the hospitals here has a shop that sells medical supplies (scrubs, stethoscopes, etc) and they have quite a selection that you can test out.
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    From my reading on the message boards this spring, it seems like most people recomend the Littman Cardio II or III. They say it is a little more expensive, around $90 (?) but that it is worth it. I start this fall , but I don't have this info yet from my school. I hear that some schools include them in a set in your "Book pakage", but that they aren't that good. I would think you would want a good one when you are learning. The one's we used for my physio class I coudn't hear anything out of...
    You can also try them out at the med supply shop for fit etc, and then order online.t
    You can do a search at the top of the page (on the yellow bar, click "search" ) of this site for stehoscopes, or anything, and get to read lots of previous advise and opinions. It is a good way to start.
    I love the boards, I just saved like $1000 for an online course recomended to me from here!!!! (thanks Mystiqx )

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