Spouse Turning Nonsupportive During NP School - page 4

I'm in graduate school to be a nurse practitioner. My spouse was supportive at first but since it is becoming an inconvenience to him he is getting resentful, starting fights, blaming me for being... Read More

  1. by   enchantmentdis
    He also really doesn't want to listen to your stories or rants; obviously unable to listen for very long before he loses interest. My husband starts fidgeting after several seconds and actually starts strenously objecting after 5 mins. I'm allowed five minutes, isn't that ridiculous? Sad, but this happens a lot. Turn to your nursing buddies for support. He basically wants you to suffer in silence, or pretend you're not suffering at all, and he is jealous of you, wants you to be warm to him despite your troubles, and he doesn't even realize it. It is not easy to be married even when everything seems smooth and easy, and it is much harder when you don't feel validated by your spouse. Unfortunately, you will have to show sincere interest in him and his silly insignificant hobbies before he is willing to see your side of things. Marriage can be a nightmare for some.
  2. by   enchantmentdis
    Quote from rmicu
    After reading all of the posts, especially the original poster, I am reminded of Shakespeare's play, King Lear, I believe.

    A father passing on wisdom to his son: " Son, never give advice, wise men don't need it and fools won't heed it."

    The original poster needed to vent and seems to have already come to a decision.

    Our replies have been based on our personal beliefs and experience, as they should be.

    Ultimately, the original poster will do what she has been wanting to do and our words, as wise, insightful and engaging as they are, will not change that.

    I love allnurses---- such cool people here!!!

    goood looord.
  3. by   Zookeeper3
    I think the OP has gotten a great mix of advice.., we'll all never agree anyway, lol. I say hash it out first, others say ditch him, some say you have a family, get your stuff straight, others say go for the degree.

    When we vent to an internet site, this is what we get- a mix of everything, much of what we didn't want to hear. Hopefully the OP can use this to make a decision or cement one that looks likely. Remember how we feel when we vent and post things isn't always as strong the next day.