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Solutions for Tired, Achy Feet - page 2

Nurses deal with a great deal of nagging pain problems. If it isn’t your back or neck, it is likely your feet that are causing you pain. This is usually the result of standing from eight to twelve... Read More

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    I found out my insurance will pay for custom orthotics, and it is the best thing I ever did!! I never want to be without them.
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    Take my word for this, has worked for me for the last 15+years. New Balance cross training shoes, compression socks, and orthopedics from the Good Feet store. No foot, ankle, or calf pain at all, and I'm on my feet for at least 14 hours a day...
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    I also use athletic tape each shift. By taping my feet I've helped alleviate some of the pain. Now they don't hurt until the last couple of hours. I also wear a splint at night. That's helped a lot. Unfortunately, 25 years of running in the military destroyed my feet...then I became a nurse to finish them off. 😆
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    My Fat pad is gone. My bones are rubbing together pressing on my nerve causing Neuropathy pain. To think I was considering working in the ED prior to that news Monday. BTW I am only 32 years old. Anybody else have this problem? I am getting orthotic inserts from my podiatrist.