So how often do nurses have sex in the hospital? So how often do nurses have sex in the hospital? | allnurses

So how often do nurses have sex in the hospital?

  1. 2 I read on the forum that while it's forbidden for a nurse to have sex with their patient, I haven't seen anything about having sex with other nurses, doctors, visitors, etc. Does it actually happen as often as it does on TV shows? Not asking whether it's wrong or not, just whether it happens.
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    Me thinks it's time to turn off Grey's Anatomy.
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    I like Nurse Jackie better!
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    Considering that you barely have time to even PEE, I don't see how in the world you would ever have time for sex.

    It's just made-for-TV stuff. Kinda like how you see doctors on TV doing everything from chest compressions to inserting foleys to starting IV's while the nurses are only cleaning up poop or sitting at the desk answering phones.
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    I don't work at a hospital - yet - but something tells me that vomit and other bodily fluids aren't a turn on. Maybe that's just me?
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    That's just gross. I mean, REALLY???? With a PATIENT??? With ANYONE at work??? Gross.
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    Weekly. Sometimes more. Never on Sundays.
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    Well, don't ask, don't tell.
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    why Sundays?
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    I think an accurate answer is somewhere between "Not very often" and "almost never."

    Your state should have policies that state the consequences for such actions. Take a look at them.

    There was a recent case here in MN where a nurse's ex-girlfriend was housed in the same psych facility where the nurse was employed. They decided to resume their intimate relationship in the bathroom (ugh) at the facility and were caught by cleaning person.

    The Mayo Clinic nurse was fired, but the State did not punish him because the relationship was established and consensual.
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    So from what I understand, it's okay for a nurse to have sex with a patient, as long as it's not her/his patient?
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    Can I say "ew"
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    I count myself fortunate if I get a chance to pee and eat at work! And, frankly, neither my co-workers nor my clients are particularly attractive. I've never come close to having any kind of sexual liaison at work. I've never even been aware of any co-workers "indulging." (Plenty of them have gotten involved with co-workers and the occasional client, but they managed to restrain themselves while actually on duty, as far as I know.)