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alright everybody....i came across this in the paper and the last 2 paragraphs have me fuming....:angryfire as usual, i was turning to you guys to find out your thoughts on this. for those of... Read More

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    Good for you. I've had to do that a time or two. It may be uncomfortable at first but it is necessary. I'm proud of you!!!!!!

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    He's a pig. What else can I say?
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    Until there is an increase in respect for nurses, and recognition for our intelligence and capabilities, ignorant, and irresponsible "quotes" like these will continue to appear. I can certainly see why you have smoke coming from your ears! Some of these newsfolks and hospital corporate-types should have to follow a floor nurse, step-for-step, for a week. I'll bet that their tune would change then!
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    Thank you all for the support and encouragement following my last several posts.

    Love ya' guyz...........

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