Skills in CCU Nursing?

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    Im an incoming level 4 nursing student and I am assigned to CCU. I need to know the skills needed (i.e. treatments, duties, etc) before I get unto the unit so I can try to get prepared for my placement. Any advice?? It will be much appreciated! thanks!


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    I would review common drips (amiodarone, cardizem, Natrecor, Neosynephrine, Nipride, Epinephrine, Lidocaine, Lasix, Diprivan, etc), pacemakers (permanent and temporary), ventilators, central line care, cardiac rhythms, hemodynamics (including PAP, CVP, CO/CI, BP). The list is really endless. Just brush up on some basic ICU skills and you should be fine. And remember don't be afraid to ask questions
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    You'll learn skills on the job.

    What you need is knowledge.
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    Thanks so much! i am definitely trying to brush up on those topics!

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    In CCU it's important to know cardiac arrythmias. Basic EKG interpretation. Cardiovascular A&P. Treatment of ACS(acute coronary syndrome) etc.

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