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I graduated from nursing school a year ago. I have been working on an oncology/hematology/medsurg floor in a major hospital in Columbus, OH. I have recently had opportunities to be the Charge Nurse on the 3-11 shift & been told... Read More

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    Quote from G MA RN
    Go with your HEART.
    More good advice. There are lots of reasons I applied for & got the position in the office - I need to remember those!

    I have only spent 2 half days in the office so I need to remember that there are lots of things I haven't seen yet & that none of the girls look bored - they are not stressed, but not bored. I also need to remember that I can make the job what I want - if I want to be bored, I am sure I could manage that...but I also can look for ways to be busy & effective. I know an office is a busy place with lots of patients and appointments...I want the patients to feel like more than just another pt who the dr. saw for 5 minutes! I like the education part of nursing.
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    OK...thanks everyone!! You have made me realize that I am making the right move for me!

    I just needed to hear someone besides my husband say it. I know he knows me well, but he doesn't get the nursing part of it!

    Thanks again!!!
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    You will probably enjoy the derm office much more, less stress, regular hours, no weekends, holidays and not having to worry about getting injured lifting someone. I would go for it!
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    If you thrive on a challenge go for it, but if you value time off go for the office! Each has its benefits I think
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    Quote from bugsy2902
    not having to worry about getting injured lifting someone.
    This was the biggest reason I started looking. I injured my back (at home) at the end of April and I have been on work restrictions since then. I am in my second round of PT and am finally feeling better. I know that it is just a matter of time before the hospital job leads to more injury. I work on a floor with very few "walkie, talkies"...lots of tugging and lifting.

    Thanks for the advice!