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This question comes up frequently and is asked of me quite often, "should I carry malpractice insurance?" Many nurses are covered under their own individual liability insurance carrier. Many more are not. I am ... Are you?? ... Read More

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    Quote from sirI
    Excellent, Sue. Wise decision.
    I am a brand new RN starting my first job. I've been looking for liability insurance although many do not think its needed. I was involved in a lawsuit over property once and never want to have to go through the legal system not being represented and covered financially. I just wish I could find lower rates in my area. The search continues........

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    Quote from VACRNA
    Not sure if this has been covered but it you stay within your Standard of Practice you are OK without an individual policy. Another reason is usually you have much deeper pockets standing in front of you. A malpractice lawyer is more apt to sue the doctor or medical institution where you practice
    I do not know if your information is correct or not; however, I found out through my own personal experience (civil matter, not medical) that just because you are right and did everything correctly, does NOT mean you won't be sued. You will still need legal representation and that is expensive without insurance. JMHO.
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    Yes I agree it's good to have it, but I don't flaunt it. A few pts in my career have hinted on the subject, however I just mention that the hospital covers us, because I do NOT want them to know that I have it, otherwise they might think I could be sued personally for any wrongdoing, or think that the hospital has deep pockets with an extra back pocket (my pocket!!) So I keep it under my cap.
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    I mentioned earlier that I have it, but I don't advertise the fact either. First, because it's really none of anyone else's business. But beyond that, I don't want anyone forming any theories about why I have it or why I'd need it, or anything. I do my best every day but have no illusions about the hospital being my friend should something awful happen. If they stuck up for me, it would be a most welcome, pleasant surprise, but I surely won't count on it to the point of not insuring myself.
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    One should carry malpractice insurance. I had malpractice insurance for student nurse when I was in nursing school, and definitiely got it once I became an RN. It doesn't matter where you work , when the crap hits the fan, it is everyone for themseleves. make sure you are protected, because the company only protects the company, not its people. That is just my .
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    I was told recently from a student that their instructor told them they didn't need to have it when they got their jobs because the hospital would cover them. I immediately let her know that was not the best advice.

    I'm not sure if that's happening a lot in NS, but my school definitely advised us to get it.
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    I thought you needed mal insurance once you start nur school.our school requires it.
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    I carry it. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It's cheap. NSO has a good program. That's what I carry. But DON'T tell anybody you've got it!
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    Quote from letarn2b
    I thought you needed mal insurance once you start nur school.our school requires it.
    It probably depends on the school. Ours didn't require it.
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    I refuse to pay another insurance company that prolly won't honor their word anyway!
    Know what you are responsible for, respond to it, notify MD's and document, they can't touch you.
    If they know you have it, the prosecuting party is MORE LIKELY to go after YOU personally.
    If you do not, they are more likely to go after the hospital/Dr. because they are required to have it.
    If you are not confident in your abilities, go for it, and buy more than average.

    Have your OWN lawyer subpoena the staffing records for that shift.
    I dont think any jury of my peers would say my hospitals staffing is "Reasonable and Prudent" Failure to listen to your own medical professionals is NEGLIGENCE!!!!!!!!

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