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NUMB. FROZEN. PARALYZED. STUPID. FAILURE. I felt these emotions and more on that decided day. I failed second semester nursing school and I was done. I failed by 1% exactly. Such a small... Read More

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    Dear Caffeineaddict,
    First of all thank you very much for posting this, I was and still am in the similar situation. LVN-Transition I passed the class and the last of the class we still have to finish the skills. Passed all the skills and down for the last one, BAM! failed!. It was the longest one hour ever! All my classmate been telling me "you will be ok", "Im sure you are in" I was waiting for the instructor to talk to me about what I did wrong, we argue, but at the end "you failed, Im sorry". I was devastated, I fought but lost the battle, I came out the room crying, my classmates are waiting for me outside and they all cried with me. I called my husband and told him the "bad news", I was angry at myself mostly.
    I waited for 1 yr to get in to the class and I told myself I will do everything to pass the class, it was not an easy class, everybody was struggling, but we kept trying, we kept each other positive. But I guess, it was not enough. Now, its been 2 days and I still keep thinking, "if I could've, would've,...." I couldn't sleep, i couldn't eat, My poor husband and 2 children been trying to cheer me up. But I just couldn't. I know there is nothing I could do or anyone could do at this point to make it easier or better, but I am still hoping.
    I need to move on but it will probably take a while..the class was sooo hard and I couldnt see myself to go through the same thing again, but I know i have too. This is what I want, I am 31 yrs old, my mom said "you're young, you have plenty of time to reach your dream". But it is HARD. So I have been browsing the web and this site looking for something, then i found this.
    Again, Thank you very much for sharing your experience and you made share mine. I know in my heart I wanted to be a nurse, that THIS is just a minor set back and I will come back next Feb (if they will give a spot) stronger and wiser.

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    I've been there. But to wallow in misery gets you nowhere.. That's why we have to keep moving forward and do our very best!

    @PerelliFNP "the test of success is really how many times you can get up when you are knocked down by life" - so true

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