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Do you ever get to work, look at your assignment and have your heart sink because you know the patient's by name? My last few shifts I have had the same alcoholic on my assignment :banghead:. A... Read More

  1. by   wooh
    Pedi frequent flyers aren't usually that bad. Their parents? Ughhhhhh..... (Not all of them. There's a few moms and dads that I really like. Unfortunately, most of those moms and dads are co-parenting with a mom or dad that I don't feel the same way about. Often, the most important info during report? "So is it mom or dad that's here now?")
  2. by   psu_213
    Quote from Sacred eagle
    I see some ofthe same patients who make 20 to30 visits a year alone in our ER.
    That's the number of visits per month for some of our most frequent of fliers.
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    Quote from MattNurse
    There should be some sort of consequence, otherwise why would they modify their behaviors. Yet I never hear the lawmakers complain about chronic abusers of the system and the general population probably has no idea who their taxes support.
    Until I started in the ER I had no clue how many people abused the ER. Yet some of our lawmakers have suggested that those without insurance use the ER as their primary care.
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    Quote from nerdtonurse?
    Same here. We get the same redneck DKA patients who have no intention of ever changing their behaviors when we can "fix" them every 2-3 weeks. And when we start chopping off their feet, or putting them on dialysis, that's okay, too, because everyone else in their family has amputations and dialysis -- it's their norm. And they make your life living you-know-what on shift, because they treat you like a maid/waitress.ork and treat you like dirt.
    Do we work in the same place? We have one pt that comes in a couple times a month in DKA. Sometimes ends up on an insulin gtt. then walks to the vending machine to buy candy...while still on the gtt. Talk about frustrating! Now, I am not saying she does not deserve care, but it is tough to provide her care time and time again when she so clearly does nothing to contribute to her own good health.