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  1. Hello everyone I am new to the site. I am a recent RN graduate from Illinois looking to relocate to Georgia. My husband is already there so I am of course desperate to get me and my daughter there too. I need a job though. I have applied everywhere and I have only got one call back. I have been applying for months. I have a ADN but am currently enrolled to get my BSN. I also am ACLS and BCLS certified. I am Georgia licensed now as well. So can anybody help me out because its getting very frustrating thanks and God Bless!!
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  3. by   +one
    have you tried LTC? one of the facilities that I used to go to work at has an opening for RN's i'm from IL too.
  4. by   kjack0799
    Yes I have tried everywhere didn't see too many LTC positions though. Where did you work???
  5. by   JenRN30
    Are you moving to the Atlanta area? I had to move away because I couldn't find a job (graduated Dec. 09). However, most of my classmates eventually found jobs with some persistence. Have you seen anything about the Grady nurse extern positions? If you work as a nurse extern (paid), they will hire you after the externship is over. Also, try Dekalb. Had a few classmates end up there.
  6. by   +one
    If you're near the downtown chicago area some of the hospitals there have nurse externship programs, i dunno when is the final dates for signing up though. :/
  7. by   JEAN09
    Georgia has a very slow job market. I have a aunt who moved down there and she could not find a job, and she had over 3-5 years experience. Also she would always complain about the pay difference. So she eventually moved back to NJ. Good luck, the key to be successful is to be persistent, and continue apply!!
  8. by   kjack0799
    Hi +one can you please tell me the name of the LTC u worked for thanks!!
  9. by   whodatnurse
    One of my classmates was from the Atlanta area. She returned there after graduation last year and is still looking. I'm afraid it's pretty tough there right now (as much of elsewhere).

    Good luck with your search. Be persistent and try not to get discouraged. I wish you the best.