Rh and blood Type

  1. I just had a clinical rotation on the mother-baby unit. At our post conference my classmate was giving us general information on her "mother" such as GPTAL, fundus location, and so on. She also stated that her patients blood type was A+ and Rh Negative. Our instructor stopped her and said that that can't be. She said something like "being A+ would contradict with her being rh negative." I did not know this and did not not ask her to elaborate because our intructor has been in an extremely bad mood lately. So we've been trying to limit our time around her. Lol. I tried to reseach it but i didnt find anything and I do not remember this being said in class. Does anyone have any information that could clarify this for me????? Does being A+ mean you can not be Rh negative? I dont remember!!!!!
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  3. by   tscharf
    Having a + (positive) blood type means that you are Rh positive - if she has A+ blood type, she MUST have a positive Rh factor.
    This site - http://anthro.palomar.edu/blood/Rh_system.htm - explains why the Rh factor is so important in pregnant women. (In summary, if the woman is Rh positive - it's not a problem. It's when the woman is Rh negative and the man is Rh positive that it can become a problem.)
  4. by   jnick31
    the"+" in A+ is the Rh factor. if she was R negative she would be A- (- being negative) The "A" is the type of marker on the cells, + or - after letter is Rh factor.

    I'm wondering if she meant to say A positive (+) and GBS negative
  5. by   DedHedRN
    When I was on OB rotation, I saw a chart that said something about the patient being Rh - and needing RhoGAM with her last pregnancy, it listed her blood type as positive on another page. After careful research, it was discovered that somewhere along the way, the - had been falsely changed into a + in the chart by an intake person and then the information had been passed along that way for several shifts.
  6. by   lrobinson5
    Blood types are determined by two factors, the antigens that are on their surface and their Rh factor. You can have antigens: A, B, AB, or none which is type O. The + or - then just tells you if there is Rh factor or not.

    Somebody goofed! :P
  7. by   53127
    The only other thing i can think of is that maybe she meant to say the BABY was A+ and Coombs negative???