Research on pop consumption among healthcare professionals.RNs or NPs only. - page 2

Hi, I am doing a correlational research project for class and is having a really hard time finding rns to gather information from. So, I thought I might try this site. Sum of participant rights:... Read More

  1. by   kht124
    oopppss. thanks that guy. heres the web link Survey on pop/soda consumption
  2. by   kht124
    by RN/BSN, I meant either a ADNS or BSN...people with ADNs are RNs also...maybe I need to clarify that on the survey
  3. by   kht124
    why do you want to change the name of the link?
  4. by   That Guy
    I have no clue ha. I just shortened his URL and it went to that.
  5. by   nursej22
    OP, I completed your survey and chose RN/BSN. However I also have a MN, but am not an NP.
  6. by   mmc51264
    Senior ADN student. Drink one caffeine free diet soda with dinner, ~4x/week. Not big on soda OR caffeine.