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    Does anyone have experience with this model of nursing? I'm interested in how it differs from regular nursing. Also - being skeptical here - what's in it for management?!

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    define it please
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    That's why I'm asking... I don't know what relationship based care is . They are attempting to implement it where I work and I'm curious... what are the repercussions?
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    Found this link for you which explains it fairly well. It centers on the patient and family and building relationhips. The focus is on service and getting everyone on the same page. It really isn't much different than what you currently do. If they however really want us to build realtionships with our patients they need to get better staffing ratios in place.

    This one comes from what looks to be a consulting firm that teaches about it. Reminds me a bit of Press Gainey. Spending a whole lot of money on surveys that could go towards more nurses, doctors, aides, additional equipment, etc.
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    Thanks Batman... they already did the whole "hourly rounding" and customer satisfactions thing. I wonder how much relationship-based care consults cost?!!! Does anyone work in a hospital where RBC is implemented?
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    Our hospital bought the books, attended the seminars and really tried to get on board with it -- unfortunately, you can't do it unless you have the right staff and the right staffing ratios. As far as I can see, there is nothing really 'new' except the packaging.
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    sounds like Ida Jean Orlando's theory from the 1970's - Nurse-Patient Dynamic Relationship Theory. That is where the nursing process came from.
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    Our ED is in the "Wave 2" phase of RBC. So far it's involved a GREAT deal of staff time and outside reading (and we've just begun) Not sure how this is going to work in the ED, especially with the constant push to decrease the dept. LOS. Does anyone have a successful implementation in their ED? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    I don't see how any of "relationship based care" is any different than any than the goals and ideals Nursing has always had, it seems like res-stating the obvious. Am I missing something?

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